Progressives pressure other companies to follow Kellogg’s lead

The relentless pressure Progressives are using to get other companies to follow Kellogg’s lead and remove their advertising from Breitbart and other conservative websites is a reminder that, for the Left, the personal is always political. Leftists will not allow any activity in their lives to be politically neutral. Everything they do is an opportunity to make a statement or, even better, to tighten the screws on a person or entity with which they disagree.

A little digging into Kellogg’s history shows that we really ought not to have been that surprised when it decided to boycott half of America. After all, this is a company with a foundation that supported Black Lives Matter to the tune of almost a million dollars.

For those of us who believe we empower blacks by encouraging self-reliance, self-discipline, hard work, and honest conduct (just as we demand of ourselves and our children), it tells us a great deal when a vast food corporation (which I’d bet benefits greatly from federal welfare channeled to low income people) throws its weight behind a group that advocates for the end of the rule of law and the death of cops. In other words, Kellogg was politicized long before the Breitbart boycott reached it.

However, what a lot of people are missing is that Kellogg is not the only company out there that is putting politics where its profits (or lack of profits) are. According to the Sleeping Giants’ twitter feed, which operates as a vast tattle-tale operation where rabid Progressives can put American companies on notice that their ads are appearing on Breitbart, fifty-seven other businesses have pulled Breitbart advertising:

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