Progressivism: Non-Falsifiable


By: Mike McDaniel    What the hell is going on? Half of America seems to have gone mad. Donald Trump won the election and about half of America, confident the election was conducted in an unremarkable manner, have already gone about their daily lives, but not the progressive half-ish. Oh, they’re also confident it was conducted in an unremarkable manner—not that they’ll ever explicitly admit that—but they will not—cannot—go about their daily lives. They must have recounts that give Trump an even wider winning margin than he had before the recount. They try to damage our republic by subverting the electoral college. They have to have investigations into Russian hacking. Trump might do this, someone who knows Trump might have done that decades ago, or said this, or might be friends with Vladimir Putin. Trump is nominating people for cabinet positions that will actually enforce the law and run their agencies as they were designed and intended to be run. Look! A Squirrel!

What the hell is going on?

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