Rahm Emanuel – Chicago Public Schools – No HS Diploma w/o Acceptance Letter


Chicago’s Mayor, Rahm “dead fish” Emanuel is now proposing that Chicago public high school students have an acceptance letter from a college, community college, trade school, “gap-year” program or the military before students can receive their diploma.

Chicago Tribune

The point, the mayor said, is to get Chicago Public Schools students in all parts of the city to stop seeing high school graduation as an ending and get them to consider what’s next.

“Just like you do with your children, college, post-high school, that is what’s expected,” Emanuel said at a Wednesday morning news conference. “If you change expectations, it’s not hard for kids to adapt.”

A top CPS official also acknowledged, however, that every Chicago public high school graduate essentially already meets the new standard because graduation guarantees admittance to the City Colleges of Chicago community college system.

Assuming the idea wins approval from the Emanuel-controlled Chicago Board of Education, the new requirements would first affect the Class of 2020. CPS did not specify how it would amend its graduation policies, and only said the school board would take up the issue sometime in the future[…]

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Never mind that as pointed out by Townhall.com, only one out of four students in Chicago’s failed public school system graduate from high school

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