July 22, 2018

If only we had a rapper with a long rap sheet to explain morality to us

The ladies idiots of The View welcomed noted rap “artist” and violent thug T.I. to their show to sermonize on the evil, racist, fur-wearing, baby seal-clubbing, water polluting, sexist Donald Trump and any Black celebrities that even entertain any idea of talking with our president

Rapper T.I. unloaded on black celebrities who met with Donald Trump after the election, saying they failed to challenge the president for disrespecting and degrading black voters during the campaign.

The Atlanta–based artist told the co-hosts of The View Thursday that he took issue with talk show host Steve Harvey, rapper-producer Kanye West, and football Hall of Famer and civil rights champion Jim Brown meeting with Trump.

“Before you stand and smile and say this is a good man and take pictures, what about addressing the disrespect and disregard for our community that was done?” T.I. said, adding “And what about him being the poster child for white supremacy and standing for the people who look to devalue our lives?”

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