Rapper’s Video Depicting His Lynching of a White Child Sparks Outrage

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A Black rapper by the name of XXXTentacion unleashed a firestorm across social media after the release of his latest video, “Look At Me!” which depicts the the rapper lynches a 6 year old white boy.

The Sun by Guy Birchall

The Florida based hip hop artist has prompted an outpouring of rage on Twitter with people calling for his YouTube account to be demonetised…

In shocking scenes the rapper can be seen leading a black child and white child up to a swinging noose in a blacked out room.

The Florida rapper, born Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, can then be seen slipping the noose over the white boy’s head.

He then pulls a rope and the boy is raised into the air as his legs can be seen twitching as he his lynched[…]

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Use of victim card to justify the depiction of a lynching is depraved.

A contemptible act and one absent of any semblance of artistic value as artists from time to time asserty when seeking to validate bad taste. This is not about free speech or artistic expression. It is, however, about racism, keeping the narrative of hate front and center and committing acts of violence against others, even children by those with an unfounded sense of entitlement and thirst for vengeance 140 plus years later.

Yes, I said “unfounded.” Just because one’s ancestors were slaves does not justify one like depicting the lynching of another.

Moving on…..

As expected, TMZ took the path of political correctness path by titling their article, XXXTentacion’s ‘Look At Me’ Music Vid Shows Toddler Lynching, later re-titled to XXXTentacion Child Lynching in Music Video Made Casting Nearly Impossible which noticeably omitted the race of both the rapper and the child. (Fans of rap will know automatically that XXXTentacion whose real name is Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy is Black but that does not make his choice of artistic expression any less detestable.)

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What were the parents of this 6 year old boy thinking? Even for those inflicted with “white guilt,” one would think that putting one’s child in a video that depicts his lynching is crossing the red line and as I suspected, it was. As reported by TMZ,

Casting director LaShawnna Stanley tells us she went through at least 20 different kids, trying to convince the parents it was a good role with a strong message. One parent even showed up ready to have her son do it, but then backed out saying it was “too dark.”

The shoot was pushed back a week before Stanley convinced another mother. She reassured her of the theme and safety measures — stunt coordinators and a harness[…]

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Well, at least no one is claiming artistic expression? Long story short, the video is about guilt-tripping and pointing fingers. The message, “what if it was you,” as if we don’t have enough of that everyday in this country.

It should be noted that this rapper has a history of publicity stunts not received well among other issues. [Source: Complex’s article: A History of XXXTentacion’s Empty Publicity Stunts]

Twitter’s response, exactly what one would expect.

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