I refuse to accept the Left’s despicable shame culture

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shame culture

Thinking about the Facebook interaction that caused me to go full Alinsky on a Leftist, I realized that the reason I got so irritated was that this particular Lefty tried to subordinate me to America’s new shame culture. Once upon a time, Lefties tried to manipulate us by appealing to our emotions; now they try to manipulate us by humiliating us, whether publicly or privately. I won’t play that game.

I am always willing — way too willing — to argue in the realm of ideas (anchored with facts, of course). To my way of thinking, that’s the best way to debate an issue. It means a debate isn’t personal and it allows for genuine persuasion and, perhaps, intelligent solutions. It is the apex of Enlightenment thinking and explains how America was able to rise to be a wonder among nations. Lose this approach to civil debate and we’ve lost our civitas entirely.

Historically, Lefties, lacking facts or theory, have pounded their shoes on the table a lot — that is, when pushed to defend (or sell) their positions, they rely on emotions running the gamut from pathos (and often bathos) to anger. The most powerful weapon in their emotional arsenal is when they moan “It’s for the children,” as if I should be more moved by children whose parents irresponsibly brought them to America, than I should be by the needs of my own children.

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