Remember when segregation was a bad thing?

Why Now is the time to consider owning gold

The Left bastardizes and destroys everything it touches, and race relations is a prime example. There was once a shameful time in America where people were segregated. this segregation was codified into law. But, as with other sins, and faults, American greatness overcame its own shortcomings. Liberals, that is to say actual Liberals, not what passes as “liberal” today helped greatly in turning that tide. Segregation died of its own sickness, and racism began to follow suit. Yes, of course the left would argue that racism is still prevalent in America, but the fact is that America is the most racially tolerant nation on earth. The fact is fewer and fewer people care about color, and more of us judge based on character not color. Yes, there are outliers, there always are. But these outliers are just that. 

But, the Left cannot let this be the narrative, and, they have turned “racism” on its head. Once being color blind, not seeing race as an important factor was once the definition of tolerance. Now, anyone who defines themselves as color blind is attacked as racist. White people? They are all racist, even if they have close friends of different races. So called “White privilege”, which is nothing but another concocted load of bovine excrement, is used to gin up hatred towards White people. Most disturbing is the new push towards a new segregation. Minorities, A.K.A. victim groups are told they need “safe spaces” where no White people are allowed. Discussions of race must exclude anyone that isn’t a member of a “victim group”.

Like everything else, “racism” has been turned on its head by Leftists. Perhaps nothing can better illustrate this despicable campaign of racial segregation than racially segregated graduations at Harvard. Yes, graduations are the modern day version of separate but equal.


Photo by The Library of Congress

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