Review: Kobalt Duel Power Inflator


By: Mike McDaniel   I ran across an article the other day–I believe it was in Popular Mechanics–about the Kobalt Duel Power Inflator. Kobalt is the brand of an extensive line of tools marketed by the Lowe’s chain. I don’t do a great deal of business at Lowes, Home Depot being closer to my home, but the inflator, priced at only $49.99 was intriguing. I have a powerful air compressor, but having to put a bit into a car tire, check with an air gauge, and repeat over and over until it’s just right, gets a little old.

Most of my inflation needs these days relate to bicycle–actually tricycle–tires, and while I have a good pump, and the strength to use it with ease, I thought I’d give the inflator a try. Particularly when Mrs. Manor and I ride together, which is much of the time, there are six tires to bring up to speed. It’s easier on her, and perhaps the inflator would be faster than a hand pump?

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