A run-down on last night’s Dancing With The Stars [SPOILER ALERTS]

You’re not imagining it — I skipped last week’s Dancing With The Stars.  I had a project and never got to the TV. I’m back in business, though, so here’s the quick run-down, with my impressions of last night’s events, which was all about Latin dancing. Indeed, the guest judge was my favorite rapper, Pit Bull. As long as I ignore his lyrics, I love what he does musically. But on to the dancing. . . .

Amber Rose and Maks danced a cha cha. It was well-done, but lifeless. Amber Rose cried a lot, walked off the rehearsal floor, and brought nothing to the dance. I continue to dislike her. She’s a whiner and a professional victim.

Calvin Johnson, Jr. and Lindsay danced the tango. I truly think this was Calvin’s best dance yet. He didn’t smolder but, as Bruno noticed, he was utterly manly in the dance, and that was good enough. His movements were tight (which is hard for such a big man), and his lifts were spectacular. Overall, an excellent showing.

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