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March 25, 2020

I am wondering whether the government which is prohibiting us from earning a living will prohibit itself from filching our pockets for money we haven’t been allowed to earn.

It seems only fair.

I am thinking, specifically, about the property taxes I and millions of others are forced to pay on the property we supposedly own – i.e., our homes and land. I am about to get another four figure bill for what I somehow “owe” on the house/land I paid for in full some 15 years ago. I get these bills every six months – the annual sum “owed” broken into two installments to make it a bit less crippling, in the manner of punching a man in the stomach but letting him rest awhile, to recover, before you punch him in the face. 

But how am I – how are any of us – supposed to pay when we have been ordered not to earn?

I was supposed to speak about automated driving technology – taking the con side – at a debate in New York City. I would have earned a sum sufficient to pay what I “owe.” I was not allowed to go pick cotton in the fields, as it were – and now the Massa wants his cotton.

Millions of Americans are going to find themselves in this position very soon.

How now, brown cow – literally.

We are their cows. But a cow runs out of milk if locked in a pen.

It is loathsome enough that we are prevented from ever truly owning our homes and land – since you do not truly own what you are forced to make endless payments on, those payments made to people – “the government” – who are the actual owners of what you are allowed to pretend is your property, since they will evict you from their property, if you fail to pay them.

It is a tax more evil and vicious than the income tax, which can theoretically be avoided by simply not earning income – which would be entirely feasible if you owned property that wasn’t subject to endless taxation and therefore could get by without income.

But the property tax forces us to generate income ongoing – in order to pay the tax – in order to not be evicted from what we childishly imagine to be “our” place. It makes it almost impossible for most of us to ever stop working since what we “owe” typically amounts to thousands of dollars every year, forever.

But now the government is making us not work – taking away our ability to work. Which is going to leave many of us with no means of paying what we “owe.”

This is intolerable. It requires sacrifices.

By them.

The people who are “the government.” The takers and order-barkers and threaten-to-kill-us people who use us – under duress – as field hands, allowed to keep some of what we create provided we obey what they say. This includes the make-workers who are paid by the government which takes from us to provide it. The overseers and liveried attendants on the ol’ plantation.

The bureaucrats and government day-care indoctrinators (i.e., “teachers”) and, of course, the armed government workers who enforce it all.

If we are forbidden to earn then it is only reasonable they be forbidden to take it. What about the children? The schoooooooolls are important! And so is the roof over my head – and my preference to eat

I despise the property tax as the moral outrage it is but it rises to something unspeakably evil when it amounts to property confiscation – which is what is going to happen to millions of Americans who would have been able to pay this extortion if they had not been told they must not go to work. That they are subject to a Hut! Hut! Hutting! if they dare to do business.

Shelter in Place – i.e., house arrest.  In a house that these same people – “the government” – will take from you for themselves after you fail to pay what they claim you “owe,” which owing never ends.

There will be a payment holiday, perhaps? It is insufficient – because the work being destroyed isn’t going to magically reappear weeks, months – years – from now. The amount “owed” will be floating around, waiting to fly into your mailbox.

The sum “owed” must either be drastically reduced – or vitiated altogether. The people who are the government must sacrifice, also. Or are some animals, as always, more equal than others?

If they are, then there will be blood. It is beyond endurance to be mulcted by people who believe they have the right to take as much of whatever we have as they please – including our homes, if we fail to pay them – and then deny us, at gunpoint, the ability to generate the income necessary to pay them.

They cannot have it both ways. Not, at any rate without acceptance by us of de-Kulakization – look it up, if you’re unfamiliar with the term.

It may come down to defense of our property against these two-legged locusts. Which could be the one good thing that comes out of this slow-rolling train wreck, if the principle is re-established that a man’s home is his castle, once he’s paid for it.

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