Saving Our Public K-12 Schools? Here’s How

I read a recent article decrying the dysfunction of our public schools (no link, simply because I have no interest in appearing to criticize the author, who I’m sure means well).

After talking about the obvious attempt to indoctrinate children with a certain point of view and posting some of the usual dismal statistics – for instance, that only a third of our eighth-graders are proficient in reading, math, or much of anything else – his solution is for more parents to get involved with the public schools to try and change this sorry situation.

I’m afraid the author of this piece has misplaced expectations. The average public school could care less what parents think, although surprising exceptions sometimes occur on a case by case basis. Not only is there a great deal of money at stake in the process itself, but let’s not forget that the Democrat Party gets a significant amount of its funding from the teacher’s unions and this have, to put it mildly, a vested interest in keeping things exactly as they are.

That is, except in one area, discipline and providing a safe learning environment. They’re more than willing to change there with a ‘prompt’ from President Obama’s Department of Education, particularly in regards to one demographic that now has special rules designed to make suspending them for even the most egregious misbehavior ‘racist’ and simply not to be tolerated no matter what it does to the quality of the other kids’ education.

Also to be considered is the current policy of allowing thousands of illegal aliens into public schools that aren’t even literate in their own language let alone English and the effect this on the learning curve and the progress of the other children, especially when it comes to minority area schools.

Nothing’s going to move on these areas no matter what, barring radical reform in Washington.

So while parents getting more involved at this point isn’t likely to change things much if at all at this point, there is a fairly simple solution…

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