July 21, 2018

School Attacks: Feeling Good Or Saving Lives, Part 8 (Conclusion)

credit: abcnews.com
credit: abcnews.com
credit: abcnews.com

By: Mike McDaniel   When I originally wrote and posted this article, the last of the series, in March of 2012, I had no idea the representative scenario I wrote would so closely follow the reality of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting.  However, my relative accuracy was not due to clairvoyance, nor was it mere chance.  The known motivations of school shooters and the physical realities of school buildings and police response made it very likely my fictional scenario would parallel reality.


Regardless of how one feels about the foreign policy of a given presidential administration, America has been embroiled in a war with terrorists since at least the Carter administration, and nearly 800 Americans were killed around the world by terrorists prior to 9-11.

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