February 21, 2018

Semiautomatic Pistol Primer

Ruger Security Six credit: thefiringline.com
Ruger Security Six
credit: thefiringline.com

By: Mike McDaniel    Oddly, enough, I’ll begin this article on semiautomatic pistols with an anecdote about a revolver.

I began my police service with Colt Pythons. We had to buy our own weapons, and that was my first choice. But one of my early supervisors carried a Ruger Security Six in .357 magnum, and used to joke that one had to be a real man to carry a Ruger–referring to the less than smooth, and very heavy, double action trigger pull. Rugers have always been sturdy and reliable. I always replied smugly, certain of my Colt’s superiority, “yeah, preferably two real men.”

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