The Sleeping Giant Awakens


By: Mike McDaniel     Why did Hillary Clinton lose? Why, as she angrily screamed, wasn’t she winning by 50 points? Some have suggested it was because people saw her as far more concerned about men using women’s bathrooms than about jobs. Perhaps it was her–and the self-imagined elites that supported her–public and private stances on every issue. Publically, we were going to be stronger together, and Hillary was the champion of the middle class. Privately, as Wikileaks and other e-mail revelations proved, Clinton and her minions had nothing but haughty and unjustified disdain for the little people that work for a living. Perhaps it was all of Clinton’s lies, lies delivered so often, easily and badly, and so easily proved to be lies. Or perhaps, ultimately, Americans decided they wanted the opposite of whatever Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Democrats, and the media (I know; I repeat myself) said or did, and whatever the opposite choice was, it couldn’t possibly be as bad.

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