Slowing the Left’s Lysenko-Gore Climate Change Hoax

For years we have been bombarded by warning after breathless warning by followers of Al Gore’s global warming brigade. The tactics were familiar, equating skeptics to Holocaust deniers, faking data for the sake of promoting a lie, marketing the lie to children though television shows and movies. Perhaps the worst offense is how these ideologues use the schools to scare children with lies about the dying polar bears and seals. The tactic is perpetrated in a very coercive and manipulative manner that tugs at the heart and gives nightmares to unsuspecting children. They are everywhere, scheming, prodding and adjusting, even as the argument is pulled out from under them one lie at a time.

The global warming hysteria has been unmatched with a response in kind by people that knew the truth. Perhaps that is why they have been so successful. Convincing global warming believers that they have been sold a lie is worse than training a new puppy. Eventually the puppy gets a clue and starts going outside instead of peeing on the floor; but not so for the global warming alarmist. Liberal deniers of science that handily refutes their world view of a pending global warming apocalypse never learn. They simply regroup and recalculate, back again to puff and shout another day. This is troubling.

Forget the fact that Al Gore is a partner in a company that has invested billions of dollars in other companies that stand to profit financially from a carbon trading scheme. Forget the fact that a BBC reporter sat on the leaked CRU e-mail’s for over a month that indicated a massive fraud in the scientific community to manipulate climate change data in favor of the lie being peddled by those on the left. (By now most are aware that the e-mails were eventually published by the source in frustration that he/she couldn’t get the media to publish them; something the New York Slimes still refuses to do while Paul Krugman laughingly and embarrassingly doesn’t find a smoking gun in the coverup – See what I mean, Krugman is a dog that can’t be trained to pee outside; a flat earther through and through.) Forget the fact that the data in which much global warming theory is based on was destroyed in a coordinated effort instead of being handed over in a freedom of information act request. And forget that almost all our sources exposing the scandal and coverup are from UK journalists and not U.S. sources that refuse to publish it because they have been part and parcel of the scam.

Scratch that, don’t forget any of that. That is what the global warming alarmists want you to do, and more. They are so invested in the scam that they are happy to ignore reality and look like complete fools; after all, it feels good.

In 2004 the “academic” left was up in arms because the Bush Administration refused to climb on board with eco-terrorists known as the Union of Concerned Scientists by refusing to back recommendations of the IPCC supporting a new wave of legislation and regulation to combat man made global warming.

The George W. Bush administration consistently sought to undermine the public’s understanding of the view held by the vast majority of climate scientists that human-caused emissions of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases are making a discernible contribution to global warming.1

After coming to office, the administration asked the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) to review the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and provide further assessment of what climate science could say about this issue.2 The NAS panel rendered a strong opinion, which, in essence, confirmed that of the IPCC. The American Geophysical Union, the world’s largest organization of earth scientists, has also released a strong statement describing human-caused disruptions of Earth’s climate.3 Yet even in the face of this overwhelming scientific concensus, Bush administration spokespersons continued to contend that the uncertainties in climate projections and fossil fuel emissions are too great to warrant mandatory action to slow emissions.4

Note the keywords and phrases of the propagandist alarmists, “overwhelming scientific consensus“, “undermine the public’s understanding of the view held by the vast majority of climate scientists”, “strong opinion“, “a strong statement describing human-caused disruptions of Earth’s climate”, “human-caused emissions“. Cleverly designed wording to stifle debate and cast aspersions on those that were aware of the scam from day one.

Like willing dupes or well aware propagandists left leaning blogs, mainstream media mouthpieces, well respected magazines and scientific journals teamed up and offered breathless condemnation of the Bush administration; one of many narratives that dogged the administration and followed the GOP into the 2009 elections. (Funny how they aren’t as outraged at the latest irrefutable coverup).

Wired Magazine and Scientific American both stared parroting bloggers by comparing Bush to Trofim Denisovich Lysenko, the Stalinist director of science in the 1920’s and 1930’s that condemned real science with a political campaign designed to further the communist party line. Many scientists were executed, the science of genetics was vilified (unless it pertained to Lysenko’s self taught version of the science) and true agricultural science was suppressed in a 40 year campaign that caused wide spread scientific and agricultural damage to the Soviet Union. It was an ideological assault on science designed to drive policy that had an amazing detrimental affect on Soviet society much the same as the global warming hoax is having on the world today.

The term is known as Lysenkoism, one the left loves to lob like a grenade against anyone that dare question their fuzzy science.

In the wake of the ever growing scandal that is rocking all but the most die hard adherents of global warming hysteria it is apparent that Al Gore’s brand of science is much closer to Lysenkoism than the Bush administration ever was. In fact the Bush administration should be regarded as heroic in its efforts to slow the Democrats and leftist scammers that are continuing down the path of eco-terrorist based legislation.

The EPA has already declared that the CO2 we exhale is a pollutant while simultaneously quashing a report that not only contradicted the claims of global warming but also disputed that CO2 pollutant axis. Very Lysenko like of them, yet nobody on the left bothered to get all huffed up about the suppression. (Watcher’s Note – The Link above is to a blog called Barrel Strength which I believe to be typically of a liberal pov. I find it interesting to see that both the global warming scandal and the cap and trade scam are getting attention by both sides of the blogosphere. While this is not typical, as evidenced by Krugman and other spokespeople on the left, I think the tide is turning. Even the referenced Rolling Stone article by Matt Taibbi seems to get it. This is a breakthrough.)

Perhaps the tide is turning. Perhaps. Some scientists are starting to distance themselves from the fake science by turning on one another and Al Gore is starting to be questioned about his profit motive. Better late than never. Will the real Lysenko stand up (or should I call him Alsenko?)

Let’s keep up the pressure.

Watcher’s Council Coverage of the Growing Climate Change Scandal:

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