August 14, 2018

Small Donors Scammed By Clinton Campaign Using Repeat Unauthorized Credit Card Taps

Donate once to Hillary Clinton’s campaign using a debit or credit card and you’re likely be the gift that keeps on giving whether you want to or not.

The Clinton campaign has been caught red handed victimizing small, usually low income donors by the simple method of just resubmitting what was supposed to be a one time donation over and over again.

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  1. Never attribute to malice anything that can be explained by stupidity. The scandal here is that the brain trusts in the Clinton campaign can’t hire or oversee web developers and the web developers aren’t smart enough to distinguish between one-time donations and recurring donations.

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  2. Then perhaps you can explain why she did exactly the same thing the last time she ran for president? A lot of these people are elderly or perhaps not well educated, especially in minority communities. Many of them probably don’t even realize they’re being robbed. And the thefts are small scale enough to get close to that $100 threshold before the banks investigate.

    I’ll go with malice, thank you.

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