“Smokin’ Rockets, Commander Corry!”

CADET HAPPY, AND COMMANDER CORRY -http://nightflight.com/wp-content/uploads/SPACE-PATROL-9.jpg
CADET HAPPY, AND COMMANDER CORRY -http://nightflight.com/wp-content/uploads/SPACE-PATROL-9.jpg

Article By Jeffrey A. Friedberg

Jeffrey A Friedberg - AI Experiment 51
Jeffrey A Friedberg – AI Experiment 51


I wanted to get away from insane democrat bullshit smeared all over the “news,” and everywhere else.

So I decided to watch SPACE PATROL, on YouTube. It ran on the TeeVee, around 1950.

Kids: that would be about 70 years ago. It was a quieter time. Everyone seemed to know who they were, and which rest room to use. We had just saved the entire world in a global war that baffled imagination; that made Earth safe for Democracy, Freedom, and Valor.

The stars of that show, way back then, were Ed Kemmer, as Buzz Corry, and Lyn Osborn, as Cadet Happy (no last name.) They are both dead now. Ed Kemmer was a fighter pilot in World War II, shot down over France, and did 11 months in a POW camp. He briefly escaped from the camp for two weeks before he was recaptured. Lyn Osborn was an aerial gunner and radar operator, and flew on Grumman Avengers

The story-line of SPACE PATROL ran, that, in the 30th Century, the United Planets live in peace, under watchful guard of the Space Patrol, headed by Commander Buzz Corry.

The episode opens with Commander Corry’s personal star-ship, the Terra 5 Battle Cruiser, drifting in the the blackness of space. This is powerful stuff when you’re a little kid in 1950. Back then, we still thought Mars and Venus were populated with aliens.

Anyway, to be brief, Buzz defeats an evil genius, ship’s captain (who is terrific in the part) who is working with a beautiful alien babe to subvert and invade the United Planets.


ALIEN BABE, has the drop on Cadet Happy
ALIEN BABE, has the drop on Cadet Happy


At the end of the episode, when the battle has been won, Cadet Happy asks Commander Corry what will happen to the beautiful alien babe (about 19 and wearing a mini-skirt.)

Buzz tells Happy that she will be taken to a United Planets’ hospital where “her aggressive tendencies will be removed.

SMOKIN’ ROCKETS! Did I hear that right?

The fricking STATE will remove “her aggressive tendencies?”


By how? By magic? By medicine? By lobotomy? They will take a beautiful-but-alien girl and restructure her brain and her imagination, to force her into compliance with their State-regulated way of life? Why? Because she’s alien? Has anybody asked her WHY she wants to “invade?”

Let’s just change her into what we need to keep our little United Planets thing running smoothly.

See? Even way back then, in 1950, THEY already prophetically knew the near-mystic power of TV and how it could be used to change minds; how to conform a former individual, to the Singular needs and power of the State; how to wash the brain “clean.”

How to make us all into good little commies.

Kids: nothing has changed.

"I bring you a warning...." - https://monstergirl.files.wordpress.com/2016/08/keep-watching-the-skies.png?w=490&h=352
I bring you a warning…. THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD,  (1951)- https://monstergirl.files.wordpress.com/2016/08/keep-watching-the-skies.png?w=490&h=352

As a journalist says, into a big, bakelite microphone, at the of of THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD (1951):

“I bring you a warning….”

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  1. OMG. I must go to YouTube. Space Patrol was my favourite show (OK, my only one). I don’t recall its politics, only that I became a “rocket scientist” from that moment on, Still at KSC.

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