In speech, Betsy DeVos calls out Title IX failures.

DeVos’ declaration against political weapon, Title IX:

Its “harassment codes which trample speech rights” and the “era of ‘rule by letter’ is over.”

Betsy DeVos, Secretary of U.S. Department of Education delivered a speech Thursday at George Mason University on the failings of Title IX under the Obama administration which began with the DOE’s Office of Civil Rights 2011 Dear Colleague Letter written by then DOE Assistant Secretary, Russlyn Ali.

Reason by Robby Soave

The letter that launched the recent phase of fact-free investigatory proceedings and one-sided tribunals was just 19 pages long. It began with the assertion that sexual violence is a form of sexual harassment and is therefore prohibited by Title IX, which mandates gender equality at educational institutions that receive federal funding….

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The results of Title IX:  College campuses across the country were fundamentally transformed into a kangaroo court, denial of due process, war on free speech and the victimization of the accuser and the accused….for starters courtesy of misleading stats, facts and propaganda.


“The notion that a school must diminish due process rights to better serve the ‘victim’ only creates more victims…”

Well said.  Everything that government regulates creates victims as proven by Title IX under the Obama administration.  You can read DeVos’ transcript of her speech in its entirety here. has an article up today entitled: Here Is Every Crazy Title IX Rape Case Betsy DeVos Referenced, Plus a Bunch More, subtitled: “Education Secretary is right to call Title IX a ‘failed system.’ Here’s the proof.”

Robby Soave of Reason who has been following Title IX and the cases for years links and cites the cases that DeVos cited during her speech thus blowing claims made by DeVos’ critics out of the water.


DeVos cited several examples of colleges putting students through Kafkaesque quasi-judicial procedures. I promise you they are real…

Here’s a list of some of DeVos’s examples, with links to our articles about them.

  1. Stony Brook University

“The current failed system left one student to fend for herself at a university disciplinary hearing,” said Devos. “She told her university that another student sexually assaulted her in her dorm room. In turn, her university told her she would have to prosecute the case herself. Without any legal training whatsoever, she had to prepare an opening statement, fix exhibits and find witnesses.”

I covered that case here: “College Rape Trials Are Unfair to Men and Women. Here’s Why.

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ON A PERSONAL NOTE: The eldest son of my best friend who passed away two years ago is fighting daily to reconcile his grief while struggling his way through college and fighting to keep his head above water and roof over his head finds himself caught up in a political correctness nightmare, allegation against him under Title IX.

[Several years ago, “S,” was run down in the street by some jerk in the neighborhood.  The incident left this now former math genius with permanent brain damage and permanently disabled. Since the incident, his friends want nothing to do with him and a society that once admired “S” is now cruel, impatient and callous.]

Last spring, an organization affiliated with a college that “S” attends found him living accommodations.  The organization also assists students with rent payments.

Two months later, “S”  lost his room after one morning while walking across the college grounds, he  responded , “Hey! How you doing?  You look nice today” to a greeting from a female student and classmate.

The female student logged a complaint alleging sexual or gender based harrassment under Title IX because Title IX has ordained that the words, , “Hey! How you doing?  You look nice today” fits the bill.


As a result, not only did “S” loose his room, the organization that assists students in find living accomodations has abandoned him.

“S” is under investigation and has fallen out of favor with an educational institution that that now doles out nothing but grief.

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