Submissions During Depress the Conservative Vote Week

Word is starting to spread that the mainstream media is trying to depress the vote by putting out a false narrative that the McCain campaign is pulling out of key battleground states because they are “hopeless”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Not only would this be political suicide but it runs counter to the respected GWU Battleground poll that shows McCain and Obama in a dead heat.  Compound that with the news that an Obama campaign worker erroneously leaked a memo with internal polling that shows PA in play, within the margin of error. This at a time when Sarah Palin drew a record 22,000 to a rally in Colorado.

The media is also out defending Barack Obama’s socialist policies. The Chicago Tribune solicited a Communist Party USA leader to counter the argument that Obama is not a socialist and the Kansas City Star released an editorial claiming that “socialist” is a code word for “black”. The stupidity never seems to stop.

Please make sure and vote in this election no matter what you hear from the weasels of the world.

Please enjoy this weeks submissions.

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