Submissions for a Weasely Day

Week three of Palin Derangement Syndrome continues as the mainstream media supporters of liberal Democrats move from ridiculously over the top attacks to hysterical antics, tricks and downright mis-characterizations. Despite their best efforts Barack Obama continues sliding in the polls.

Perhaps the most bizarre example of the mainstream media meltdown was the decision by The Atlantic magazine to hire deranged celebutard photographer Jill Greenberg for a cover story on John McCain. Being a deranged lefty affords Greenberg some perks, such as shooting McCain with camera angles designed to make him look tired and old (shadow trickery done for horror movie like shoots). The topper was when she exposed her idiocy by bragging about the whole scheme to some fan sites and then took outtakes from the shoot and published them on her personal site complete with a monkey (chimp) defecating on John  McCain’s head among other photoshopped ignoramity. (probably not a real world but I submit that it should be)

Keep in mind that these are the people that make up Barack Obama’s voting base. Nice. Talk about weasels.

Sadly Greenberg is only one weasel in a world filled with them. The Watchers council has submitted a collection of articles that is sure to thrill weasel watchers the world over. Enjoy.

Council Submissions

Non-Council Submissions

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  1. […] other luminaries … including a cameo by the Cheat-Seeker. If you haven’t checked the new Watcher site, do so – Watcher II provides commentary now, this week on photographer/mental armpit odor Jill […]

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  2. […] As you may know the members of the Watcher’s Council each nominate one of his or her own posts and one non-Council post for consideration by the whole Council. The complete list of this week’s Council nominations is here. […]

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  3. […] In a world of disappointments, one thing always comes through for me:  the Watcher’s Council.  Every week, week after week, Council members submit stellar articles, both from their own blogs and from other fine sites around the internet.  This week, of course, is as good as any (indeed, posts seem to be getting even better and tighter as the election draws near).  So, I offer to you the weekly Watcher’s nominations: […]

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