Substitute teacher snoozes during fight between two students.

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Hephzibah Middle School, Richmond, Georgia substitute teacher caught on camera sleeping during fight between two students in 6th grade class.

A substitute teacher was caught on camera sleeping on the job during an altercation that broke out between two sixth grade students at Hephzibah Middle in Richmond, Georgia.

The fight began when a classmate grabbed sixth grader, Mikiline Lester by the throat and began choking him.  Mikiline who has breathing problems and was unable to breath punched the student in the nose to back him off.  The punch drew blood and so it begins.

As you would guess, Mikiline got into trouble for the incident.

When Mikiline’ s mother Janice Williams, questioned her son about the incident and the whereabouts of the teacher, she learned that the substitute teacher slept through the altercation.

A student grabbed a screenshot (above) which was also posted to social media of the substitute teacher snoozing during the fight.

Ms. Williams had to jump through hoops to keep her son being from sent to a tribunal, punished and the altercation placed on his school record.

Fox News

“They [school officials] said ‘well, he punched another child and struck blood’; because he did that he is going to be sent to tribunal,” Janice Williams, Mikiline’s mother, told the station.

Williams said that Mikiline has breathing problems and also sees a neurologist. She said her son told her that he couldn’t breathe, so he punched the student choking him.

When Williams asked Mikiline where the teacher was during the confrontation, she was told: “Asleep.”

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