July 22, 2018

Subway Employee Charged with Spiking Layton UT Police Officer’s Drink Exonerated

Tanis Ukena, age 18 of Layton, Utah

In mid-August, I wrote a post about the arrest of an 18-year-old, employee of a Subway restaurant by the Layton, Utah Police Department for spiking the beverage of a law enforcement officer with meth and THC.

The youth, Tanis Ukena was charged with suspicion of Surreptitious Administering of Poisonous Substance, second-degree felony after the police officer who had just gone through Subway’s driver-thru began to feel drugged after taking a several sips of a drink prepared by Ukena.


FINALLY, last week, Layton Police announced that the toxicology test “came back negative for illegal substances,” and as a result, the second-degree felony charge against Tanis Ukena were dropped.

When the incident occurred in August, Ukena along with his co-workers fully cooperated with Layton Police who decided to press charges based on claims by law enforcement that they witnessed Ukena on video placing something into the drink….

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