Vassar Bushmills

In 2010 I began thinking about what a million-citizen March on Congress might look like, if citizens without gawky hats might actually want to scare the bejeezus out of those people found there. No trash, no foul language, no shooting moons, or pornographic placards…

… just a mean look in our eyes.

And no warning, an idea given to me from an old friend, RoguePolitics, who has now gone onto serious politics.

Wouldn’t that be nice if it weren’t announced? Rogue told us how it could be done, maybe a thousand cars suddenly parked in the road and along the side of the road, at least 10-15 deep stopping all traffic coming into the District. Drivers just park their cars, lock them and then walk to where there will be waiting busses.

The marchers will be picked up by fleets of busses to drive them the those last few miles, off-loading still a half mile away where they can then march on the city, with this music still in their heads,

This isn’t about the logistics, which is doable, by the way. I’m just writing about the kind of face we want to put on, and what sort of music people would need to have their jaws set the proper way, on that last slow drive to the staging area.

Should that million be thinking snappy tunes like “Yankee Doddle” or more sober songs like “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” or a dirge like the Slaves Chorus from “Nabucco”/Song of Liberty, (included below)?

Should people look like they were walking their favorite coon dog out to the woods to put him down because he was old, going blind and could no longer eat[…]

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Michael Avenatti Backs Out of Plans to Run in 2020

Creepy Porn Lawyer, Michael Avenatti, who of late appears to have more than he can handle released a statement about an hour ago announcing that, for the sake of his family, he will not “seek the Presidency of the United States in 2020.”

Even though, Michael Avenatti, has stepped back from plans to run, it remains obvious that he believes that he is the man for the job because as of now, in the eyes of the Creepy Porn Lawyer, there are no worthy candidates (my emphasis) on the left that has what it  takes to challenge President Donald J. Trump and win.

In any event Michael Avenatti intends to continue pimping, correction representing clients like Stormy Daniels and anyone else he can dig up rather convince that they need rescuing from President Donald J. Trump.

Back to 2020, according to Michael Avenatti, “We [Progressives} will not prevail in 2020 without a fighter. I remain hopeful that the party finds one.”

I’ll give you one guess on who that might be,

Judging from Tuesday’s tweets (December 3rd), CPL was preparing to wind down; or was he hoping that someone would call and walk him back from the ledge?

And then there is the itemization of out-of-pocket expenditures regarding the case between Stormy Daniel and President Trump made published to twitter by Avenatti. Why now? Is CPL feeling the heat?

Well yes, I guess Creepy Porn Lawyer is feeling the heat.

By the way, Stormy and CPL have supposedly made up.

Now if The Five and Tucker Carlson would put George H. W. Bush’s funeral events on hold to discuss Creepy Porn Lawyer, this will prove quite entertaining.  In the meantime, President Trump will continue living rent-free in Creepy Porn Lawyer’s head.

One more thing —

In the event you missed the exchange between Fox News, Tucker Carlson and Michael Avenatti, a few months back, you can view it below.  Suggestion, grab your popcorn.

Dems Can of Worms: Elizabeth Warren’s Ancestor was Member of Militia. Rounded Up Cherokees for ‘Trail of Tears’.

Because Theirs is That Sense of Entitlement.

Democrats passed Jim Crow laws and enacted the One Drop Rule to classify who is Black. During the beginning of the 20th century, several states passed Racial Integrity Laws around concerns for eugenics and racism.

How ironic is it that a century later, Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat (these days Progressive) in an attempt to deceive Americans into believing that she is Native American had the audacity to use the same One Drop Rule that her party used to oppress Black people?

Cat out of the bag.

All about self-empowerment and her sense of entitlement, Warren’s actions tells us is that (a) Progressives remain as biased as they were 50, 100, 200, 250 years ago; (b) Progressives still see Americans as property; (c) Progressives have for centuries never given a second thought to ripping families apart and/or from their homes; and (d) identity politics is a tool to be wielded about as a weapon for their own gains against the opposition.

Three plus decades and still, Senator Elizabeth Warren continues to speak with a forked tongue.  

Exposed: Elizabeth Warren Descendant was Member of Tenn. Militia – Trail of Tears

Breitbart News by Michael Patrick Leahy

In the more than 30 years since she first claimed Native American ancestry, Warren has failed to produce a single piece of credible historical documentary evidence to support that claim. The release of Bustamante’s report on Monday was the first time she presented what she purports to be genetic evidence to support the claim.

The evidence establishing Warren’s direct descent from Crawford, a member of the Tennessee Militia that rounded up Cherokees living in Tennessee in the 1830s, is well documented.

Here are the five generations between Elizabeth Warren and Jonathan Houston Crawford, as documented by Cherokee genealogist Twila Barnes at her website, Polly’s Granddaughter, which is summarized here:

Generation 1 (1/2 or 50 percent ancestry), Elizabeth Warren’s mother:

Pauline Louise Reed, the mother of Ms. Warren, was the child of Harry G. Reed and Bethania “Hannie” Crawford. She was born in Hughes County, Oklahoma, on February 14, 1912. She was found on the 1920 US Census living in Hickory Ridge, Okfuskee County, Oklahoma with her parents and siblings, race listed as white. She was found on the 1930 US Census living in Wetumka, Hughes County, Oklahoma with her parents, race listed as whiteShe married Don Herring on January 2, 1932 in Hughes County, Oklahoma. She was found on the 1940 US Census living in Wetumka, Hughes County, Oklahoma with her husband and children, race listed as white. She died July 18, 1995.

Generation 2 (1/4 or 25 percent ancestry), Elizabeth Warren’s grandmother:

Bethania Elvina “Hannie” Crawford: born 29 Oct 1875 in Laclede County, Missouri; died 11 Nov 1969 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, was the child of John Houston Crawford and Paulina Ann Bowen. She married Harry Gunn Reed on June 2, 1893 in Sebastian, Arkansas[…]

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Elizabeth Warren made her bed, now she has to lie in it. This is going to be painful.

Fauxcahontas, Elizabeth Warren, is so screwed but SERIOUSLY….

Tucker Carlson’s Explosive Interview w/Michael Avenatti (Creepy Porn Lawyer)

Michael Avenatti, legal counsel to Stormy Daniels often referred to as Creepy Porn Lawyer by Tucker Carlson went one on one last night with Carlson and it was something to see.  Creepy Porn Lawyer (CPL), as Progressives often do when they provide a rationale response resorted to calling Tucker “ignorant.”

Let’s be honest, Tucker Carlson is not ignorant.  As for Avenatti, Creepy Porn Lawyer (CPL) was out of his league.

Creepy Porn Lawyer (CPL) plans to run for president in 2020?  He’s not serious but he is serious about muddying the waters and creating chaos in 2020 during the presidential election season to thwart President Donald J. Trump’s 2020 campaign season but first things first.

At 10:00 of video,

Tucker Carlson:  Stormy Daniels was to perform in Richmond in a depressing strip club….this hero…that you say that you’re protecting…You’re her protector, why is she working in seedy strip clubs while you’re on television wearing expensive suits…Why are you (garbled) exploiting her? Why is

CPL: Because…

Tucker: Why is she doing that?

CPL: Because she wants to Tucker….

Carlson’s point is the fact that Creepy Porn Lawyer (CPL) is getting rich, wearing $1,000 suits while Daniels is performing in seedy nightclubs.  Not to worry, Tucker has hit a nerve and the “moralizer” (Tucker’s words, not mine) drives the ball home especially when he mentions the duh, duh, duhhhhh CPL’s failure to pay his “taxes.”

You really have to hear this.

Creepy Porn Lawyer sounds more like Daniels’ pimp than her attorney.  He has no honor.   There is no high road for this guy and yes, Creepy Porn Lawyer is CREEPY AS HELL.  This is what the left has become.

Expect the likes of George Soros, Tom Steyer, the Clintons, Obama’s community organizers, lobbyists of the swamp, etc. to funding CPL long enough to turn the 2020 presidential campaign season into a circus.

The agenda is to distract and attack the President from all angles so much so that Trump is unable to put his best foot forward.

Maybe, just maybe, Stormy Daniels will wake up one day and realize that her integrity, has been shot to hell by her attorney and D.C. swamp critters who view her no differently than one does the corner of a curb when trying to scrape manure off the bottom of one’s shoe.

H/t S. Noble of Independent Sentinel.



Illegal Alien Kids Crossing Border Enjoy Higher Standard of Living than 13M American Children in Poverty.


Oh yes, the conversation that Progressives do not want to have.  When Progressives aren’t talking Russia, Russia, Russia or Stormy Daniels, they’re accusing President Trump of not having a heart when it comes to illegal alien children.

Left out of this heated wave of propaganda is the plight of American children, middle-class and poor families, veterans, disabled and senior citizens living beneath the poverty level.

According to the New York Times, you can’t be pro-life and opposed to illegal alien children or something to that effect but there is no room in the conversation for American children living beneath the poverty level.

So what about Progressive bureaucrats, the Catholic Church and other denominations, fellow profiteers of the refugee resettlement industry, the Communist media complex full of agnostics and atheists wielding alleged biblical quotations like a sword against anyone opposed to open borders?

Breitbart News by John Binder

Migrant children who cross into the United States either alone or with adults have a higher standard of living once they are put into federal care than the more than 13 million American children who are living in poverty across the country.

In Fiscal Year 2017, the federal government referred nearly 41,000 unaccompanied minor border crossers to the Unaccompanied Alien Children program which is facilitated by the Office of Refugee Resettlement.

Data provided to Breitbart News reveals that each unaccompanied minor costs the federal government about $34,660 annually. This is a higher standard of living per child than the roughly 13 million American children who continue to live below the U.S. poverty line.

In 2016, there were about 13.2 million American children under the age of 18 living in poverty. These are U.S. children, for example, whose parents or guardians –in a household of four — earn less than $24,500 a year[…]

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Poverty-stricken Americans not a blip on the left’s radar.

America’s children, middle-class and poor families, our veterans, disabled and seniors living near or beneath the poverty line has not registered so much as a blip on their radar which speaks to just how much the left really cares.

Let the record speak for itself, Progressives and their collaborators in the name of hundreds of millions (billions) of dollars to be made and the power they stand to gain from such a sizable voting block is about two things, correction three, i.e., votes, the majority and impeaching President Donald J. Trump.