60 Minutes

60 Minutes uses subtle moral equivalence to tar Israel

60 Minutes recently did a show on Daniel Barenboim’s Middle Eastern orchestra — and snuck a sneaky shiv into Israel in the first minute. This past Sunday, 60 Minutes did a profile of Daniel Barenboim, who has put together an orchestra made up of Middle Eastern Muslims, including Iran, Syria, and Lebanon, [Read More]

Terence Crutcher 60 Minutes Police
Guns & 2nd Amendment

“60 Minutes” completely mangles its report on Terence Crutcher

Getting news from 60 Minutes is like getting news from the village idiot, as shown by its ludicrous segment on Terence Crutcher. Last night, 60 Minutes devoted two segments to the Terence Crutcher shooting. As you may recall, in September 2016, Betty Shelby, a police officer in Tulsa, came upon [Read More]

H-1B visas displace Americans

My life reflects the customer side a 60 Minutes segment on H-1B visas

Just when 60 Minutes did a report on Americans hurt by H-1B visas, I had a very frustrating customer experience with workers brought in under H-1B visas. Two nights ago, 60 Minutes ran an episode about the H-1B visas that allow companies to fire long-time technical workers and replace them with cheap [Read More]