September 24, 2018
Pop culture

Lions, Tigers, and Internet Trolls oh my!

March 16, 2017 Doug Hagin 0

Poor Amy Schumer, her Netflix special is bombing, and Amy is blaming Alt-Right trolls Amy Schumer has lashed out at Internet “trolls” she claims launched an online campaign to tank the reviews of her latest comedy special. One week after its March 6 debut, The Leather Special had received hundreds of one-star reviews [Read More]

Just Plain Funny

Trump And The Racist Squirrels!

December 4, 2016 1willford 0

By: Mike McDaniel    You’ve seen them around the neighborhood, little bushy-tailed terrorists, scampering here and there, watching everything and everyone, always wary, never relaxed. That’s right, I’m talking about our domestic terrorists: squirrels! Think I’m kidding? See what The New York Post has to say about it:    To read the [Read More]


[AUDIO] A dramatic reading of a rebuttal to Lionel Shriver’s plea to end “cultural appropriation” totalitarianism

September 17, 2016 Bookworm 1

A new thing called cultural appropriation is suddenly in the news lately. Just yesterday, designer Marc Jacobs was in the news because the Social Justice Warriors were appalled that his runway models — mostly white — wore fake, multi-colored dreadlocks.  (SJWs have a real problem with white people wearing dreads.) That they [Read More]