May 20, 2018

Pope Francis Viciously Insults The Jews – Again

April 23, 2017 JoshuaPundit 0

Yesterday, Pope Francis referred to EU refugee centers as “concentration camps.” “These refugee camps — so many are concentration camps, crowded with people… because international accords seem more important than human rights,” Francis said in impromptu remarks. Ironically, this happened while he was  attending a ceremony in memory of modern-day [Read More]

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Yevtushenko 1932-2017: The Courage To Challenge Evil

April 4, 2017 JoshuaPundit 0

Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? Here’s one instance where one man’s courage and artistry affected life so strongly that even all the powers of a totalitarian government failed to suppress its brilliant light. Anti-Stalinist poet Yevgenny Yevtushenko, who passed away at the age of 84 in [Read More]


A Final Act Of Hatred – Obama Attacks Israel At The UN

December 29, 2016 JoshuaPundit 0

Outgoing President Barack Hussein Obama has devoted a chunk of his remaining time and attention in office to indulge in a spiteful, personal demonstration of his hatred for Israel. It’s the final attack of the most anti-Israel administration in U.S. history. And it isn’t finished yet. A reluctant Egypt had [Read More]


Keith Ellison, The Perfect DNC Head!!

November 21, 2016 JoshuaPundit 0

The Democrats have a new hero who’s heavily favored to take over running the Democratic National Committee (DNC) He’s none other than Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN). He’s a leading member of the Progressive Caucus in Congress, a black, a Muslim and a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. I [Read More]

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Andrew Sullivan, Jew-Hating Propagandist

March 10, 2010 JoshuaPundit 0

Today, Andrew Sullivan continues his descent into the most febrile, frenzied Jew-hatred imaginable. If there were ever any doubts about Sully’s anti-semitism ( there aren’t as far as I’m concerned ) and general dementia, he’s put them to rest. Today’s racist screed consists of Sully using an unsourced, anonymous video [Read More]