The Bookworm Beat 10/9/2018 — the American life edition and open thread

Here it is — a round-up about American life in the wake of the Kavanaugh hearings, with everything from politics to plumbing thrown in.

This will be my last big post before my week-long hiatus (during which, as I said, I’m sure something big will happen). Fear not, though, because my friend, the brilliant and inimitable Wolf Howling will be holding the fort in my absence. Meanwhile, here’s some stuff about American life that you can chew on while I’m gone.

But before I get to that, I wanted to update you on the dog situation. Mr. Bookworm finally conceded that our aged, demented, blind, deaf, arthritic dog with an anxiety disorder was (a) miserable and (b) unreasonably burdensome. When she began needing walks every 90 minutes to stay ahead of the incontinence, and even that wasn’t always successful, he made the appointment at the vet. And when she started keeping us up all night long, panting, restless, unhappy, and incontinent, he said he wouldn’t dream of canceling the appointment.

So it was that yesterday our little dog made the journey over the rainbow bridge to doggy heaven. The vet did everything she could to make it a comfortable experience, including having a special cushion for the dog, rather than a scary metal table. She also provided premium doggy treats and our little gal happily munched through those treats to her very last breath.

It was what I call a “Bing Crosby death.” As some of you may recall, Bing Crosby was an avid golfer. It was his favorite pastime. He died of a massive heart attack while golfing on a lovely course in Spain, overlooking the Mediterranean. I always like imagining Bing in the midst of a good round, winding up for a massive swing, and being felled in an instant, with his last conscious thought before Death claimed him being “I am happy.”

Many thanks to all of you who chimed in with your stories and opinions about when to put a beloved pet down. I don’t think I clearly conveyed in the comments how grateful I was for all the wisdom you so generously shared with me.

And now back to our regularly scheduled Bookworm Beat round-up:

Kavanaugh inflamed the moderates. My friend Neo is one of the smartest people blogging today. It’s no surprise, therefore, that she had an incredibly brilliant insight about the reason Kavanaugh’s confirmation process was an earthquake, rather than a temporary tremor. She makes nine specific points, all of which are worth reading, but I want to focus on her last three points:

(7) At that point, it was the moderate wing of the GOP that was galvanized. They suddenly discovered that the rules they thought they’d been playing by all this time, the ones they thought at least some of their Democratic colleagues shared, meant nothing to the opposition.


(8) And that’s why it was the moderate side of the right that stepped up to the plate and delivered the goods in the Kavanaugh fight. Lindsay Graham, Susan Collins, Chuck Grassley, Mitch McConnell, all of them harshly vilified in the past by the more conservative wing of the party, found themselves uttering words that those who had previously reviled them were now cheering.

(9) Those words from the RINOs had more power to rally the base than if the same messages had been delivered by senators further to the right. The factor of surprise made for a much more attention-getting story. Lindsay Graham’s tirade was much more newsworthy because it came from Graham rather than, for example, Ted Cruz.

I clipped a lot from the above quotation, because I want to encourage you to read the whole thing. Neo will help you understand the catharsis in the Republican party over the last two weeks.

The things we’re learning about Christine Blowsy-Fraud. Blowsy-Fraud hit the public scene so quickly that there was little time to learn who she was. On the insane Left, all the energy went to destroying Kavanaugh, which meant that those supporting Kavanaugh (as well as Due Process, Congressional norms, and the core value that someone is innocent until proven guilty) kept a tight focus on Blowsy-Ford’s allegations, not on learning more about the woman herself.

Regarding Blowsy-Ford, we were told only that she was a respected academic (more on that in a minute). Her social media footprint was practically invisible, though, so it was impossible to get many insights about her, beyond the fact that she was a Hillary supporter and Pussy-Hat marcher — with the latter fact, standing alone, being something I think that should automatically disqualify anyone from being taken seriously.

That absence of social media ought to have tipped people off instantly that something was going on. Neo points to it as an indicator that Blowsy-Fraud was part of a sophisticated endeavor:

One of the strangest aspects of Ford’s story is that, by the time her identity was revealed, much information about that identity had been removed from the internet with an unusual degree of thoroughness for a layperson, indicating the participation of someone who knew exactly what he or she was doing, not an amateur such as Ford herself. How was this done, and who did it?

For me, one of the most curious aspects of all is that her high school yearbooks disappeared from their online site as well, not long after almost all of her personal information was scrubbed . Ford did not have the power to do this because the yearbooks were not displayed at her site or social media pages. So who did it for her, and why, and at whose behest? What’s more, the site that claimed to have archived and displayed the yearbooks disappeared as well not all that long after.

It takes quite a bit to get me into conspiracy theories, but this has been extremely odd. Are the yearbooks that were displayed at that site authentic? If so, why did the site that offered them disappear without any explanation? The yearbooks revealed massive drinking and partying by the young ladies of Holton Arms, including Ford herself. I’d love to get some clarification on all of this.

Blowsy-Fraud’s academic career was also unexplored. I think the emphasis on Palo Alto was meant to make people think she was affiliated with Stanford, the most prestigious Palo Alto institution. It turns out to be anything but. As this video, out of Ottawa, reveals, Blowsy-Fraud works at a social justice institution. Seriously, even though it’s ostensibly a school to train therapists, its primary goal is social justice:

Given more time, it’s going to become blatantly apparent that this whole Blowsy-Fraud thing was a con from ig to zack.

From top to bottom, the Left wants war. No matter where one looks, the Left wants war. Just watch what happened in Portland, when a compliant mayor let Antifa take over the streets:

You’ve already seen the video of the crazed leftists banging and clawing on the doors of the Supreme Court, while screaming in incoherent rage. You’ve also read about the enraged Google manager demanding the death of the GOP and the elementary school teacher seeking people to assassinate Kavanaugh’s death.

While all this crazy has been going on, the Democrat leadership has been silent and that’s foul. Democrat leaders ought to have been out there telling people to calm down. Telling them that this is how a representative democracy works. Telling them to vote if they want change. But none of them did.

Oh, wait! I’m wrong. One of them did speak up — to encourage more violence. That would be Hillary Clinton, former First Lady, former Secretary of State, and former two-time Democrat party presidential candidate:

The fish rots from the head and the Democrat Party fish has been rotting non-stop since the Clinton administration.

The horrors of Fourth Wave Feminism. First wave feminism was about getting the vote. I support first wave feminism.

Second wave feminism was about equal pay for equal work and equal opportunities to get jobs for which women were/are manifestly qualified. I support second wave feminism.

Third wave feminism has been about women as victims. It’s loathsome.

There’s now something I’ve seen called “fourth wave” feminism. Linda Fox’s post does not use that phrase, but she does call today’s feminism the “Bitchy insistence that Womyn are the Queens of the Universe, and ALL MEN should Bow Down to Them.” This feminism is also loathsome — and the fact that Normal women are not amused may help explain why only Blue city Leftists got hysterically on board with Blowsy-Fraud’s manifestly false accusations.

For the Left, no matter the problem, the solution is control. My friend Earl sent me a link to a post about the now-forgotten Ice Age panic of the 1970s. Earl’s accompanying comment adds the necessary context:

Note the “cure” for “global cooling” . . . straight from the news of the day.

Less freedom (get RID of that automobile), more power for the government.

When “the worm turned” near the end of the ‘70s, and it began to warm a bit, suddenly no one was talking about The Coming Ice Age, it was all We’re Going to BURN!!

But the solution was the same: Less freedom (get RID of that automobile), more power for the government.

And THAT was when I knew for sure that this was political, and not scientific.

The consequences of scorched earth politics. My friend Patrick O’Hannigan has a rare knack for looking underneath social and political trends and seeing the profound moral shifts they represent. In a short, extremely rich essay, entitled Scorched earth and its consequences, he examines the damage wreaked by Progressive ideas that have interwoven themselves into America’s consciousness.

A 1987 movie foresaw today’s dating scene. Today’s news is filled with stories about the end of romance and the beginning of micromanaged sexuality. Campuses are telling students (men, of course, not women) that they need permission for every step they take in a romantic or sexual encounter. “May I touch your arm?” “May I hold your hand?” “May I kiss you, without tongue, for no longer than 5 seconds?” There are even apps for it.

Intrusive, almost-state-mandated creepiness has been substituted for romance. No wonder then that sex robots are something some men think are a really good thing.

But here’s something really funny: It turns out that a little-remembered 1987 comedy sci-fi movie called Cherry 2000which is set in 2017, predicted all this:

Oh, Brave New World!

Remembering the Yom Kippur war. I vividly remember October 6, 1973. I was just twelve-years old. It was a beautifully sunny Saturday and I was sitting my room — done in bright yellow, orange, and white — re-reading Gone With The Wind for the first time when my Mom came into my room, white as a sheet. “Israel’s been attacked,” she announced.

Our family was glued to the television set in the coming days, although I didn’t really understand what the news was reporting. Afterwards, I met young men, both Israeli and American, who had served in that war. They didn’t want to talk about it.

Now I know that Richard Nixon was a great help at the time because, while he had the casual antisemitism common in most of the world (disdain, but not virulence), he was also a Cold Warrior. Israel needed help and he made it happen. The real people who made it happen, of course, were the Israeli soldiers. Ari Lieberman has a short rundown of Israel’s amazing victory and of the Arab’s pathological inability to understand, to this day, what happened to them.

Signing off for now. I’d hope to write more, but we’ve had a little plumbing crisis when a hose exploded. That’s not as bad as it sounds. Had this little plumbing crisis happened after we left for our trip, it would have been a disastrous plumbing event that could have destroyed our house. As it was, with help from our blessed wet vac, plus a lot of rags, plus a lot of running around frantically, finished off with a visit from the plumber . . . all is good.

The whole event was a reminder (which we might have remembered on our own) that you should always turn off the water before you leave for an extended period of time, even if it’s only for 24 hours. Our plumber told us a hair-raising story about a guy who’s pipe exploded back into the dry wall and destroyed the entire house over a long weekend while he was out of town.

Add to the above mini-crisis a frantic call from a client with a short-term research issue and my blogging is over for the day.

Antifa Takes Over Portland. Mayor Abandons Law.

A group of Antifa protesters in Portland, Oregon harassed an old man this week for disobeying their traffic orders, with apparently no action taken against them by the Portland police.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - SEPTEMBER 27: ANTIFA protesters demonstrate on the University of Utah campus against an event where right wing writer and commentator Ben Shapiro is speaking on September 27, 2017 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Campus authorities have increased security ahead of the appearance by Shapiro, a …
George Frey/Getty Images

A report from the Wall Street Journal from August details the a wave of anarchy taking over Portland, Oregon. Antifa and Black Lives Matters protests have been taking to the street and blocking traffic in an effort to bring attention to various social issues.

A mob surrounded ICE’s office in Southwest Portland June 19. They barricaded the exits and blocked the driveway. They sent “guards” to patrol the doors, trapping workers inside. At night they laid on the street, stopping traffic at a critical junction near a hospital. Police stayed away. “At this time I am denying your request for additional resources,” the Portland Police Bureau’s deputy chief, Robert Day, wrote to federal officers pleading for help. Hours later, the remaining ICE workers were finally evacuated by a small federal police team. The facility shut down for more than a week.

Now, the protesters are back on the streets blocking traffic. In a set of particularly disturbing videos, protesters berate and harass two older white men in their cars who refused to obey their traffic directions. “You are a little white supremacist! North Carolina, huh?” the protester said, referring to the car’s license plate, “…Go back to North Carolina where you came from. We don’t need your KKK in Portland, Oregon,” the protester said.

“I’m in the middle of the intersection and [the protesters] are blocking traffic,” the driver says into his phone.

In the other video, the protesters smash an older white man’s sedan after he makes a turn against their wishes. After he zips down the street to get away from them, they chase after the car. He gets out of the car to check the damage on his car. The protesters then continued to smash his car with sticks as he drove away.

This emerging brand of “street anarchy” has left many asking Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler to regain control of his city. Breitbart News will continue to provide updates on this story.


CNN’s Pushes Lie that Antifa is a Black Organization.

Antifa? A Black organization?  Says who? No one ever, nor is Antifa perceived to be.

CNN is fake news did it again.  On Tuesday night during CNN’s “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer, the CNN panel engaged in the usual fear mongering and anti-Trump propaganda.  Propagandist, Jeffrey Toobin  managed to upstage the whole panel with his statement that President Donald J. Trump at a dinner the evening before with Christian pastors sent a dog whistle to the effect, “‘I’m Donald Trump and I’ll protect you from the scary black people.” Toobin then went on to say the following:

Antifa is widely perceived as an African-American organization, and this is just part of the same story of LeBron James and Don Lemon and Maxine Waters and the NFL players and the UCLA basketball players … This is about black versus white. This is about Donald Trump’s appeal to racism and it just happens all the time. And we never say it. We don’t say it enough for what it is, but that’s what’s going on here…

See video below:

The coward, Wolf Blitzer, along with fellow propagandists on the panel gave Toobin a pass as did the other globalist media outlets complicit in the deception.  Cherry-picking, the usual suspects are parsing Toobin’s words to push the lie that Trump is warning his white supporters about scary Black people.

Compounding the insanity CNN’s favorite queen, Don Lemon, gave violent Antifa thugs yet another pass.

It is fundamentally racist that CNN would push the narrative of Antifa being a Black organization.

In reality, it is Progressives who are spinning the disgusting scary Black people propaganda and as always accusing the President of being a racist although an abundance of evidence exists that refutes such lies.

Let’s start with the mugshots and videos of Antifa thugs, the overwhelming majority of whom are white, privileged trust fund babies.

Breitbart News by Justin Caruso

What Toobin said is simply false–as anyone who has seen photos or videos of most Antifa knows, the group is overwhelmingly white.

TPUSA’s Candace Owens, a prominent black conservative commentator, blasted CNN and Toobin on Twitter Wednesday.

Owens also tweeted that CNN was “being horribly racist” by blaming black people for Antifa violence[…]

Continue Reading

Owens is right.  Why is no one calling out Toobin’s blatant lie that violent Antifa thugs is Black and perceived as such?

Why the perception?  Because Antifa thugs don black clothing and hide behind Black masks? Are you freaking kidding me? All of those damned white trust fund babies under those masks, there is no way that these Occupy Wall Street  Marxist dirtbags are perceived as Black Americans. That is BS!

If that is the mindset that Marxist elites are following, such a mindset is RACIST.

As for blithering race baiting idiots LeBron James, Don Lemon, Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris, Al Sharton, Jesse Jackson, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Snoop Dog, Oprah, the NFL and UCLA basketball players, etc., they are all paid operatives, i.e., whores shilling for a seat at their globalist plantation slave masters’ (Soros comes to mind) tables.  They do not speak for me or most Blacks in America.

The following video is a compilation of Antifa protests and riots courtesy of Infowars.  While the whole video which contains advertisements is worth checking out in its entirety, at 06:10 of the video, a Black man gets into a heated exchange with an Antifa female who calls him a Nazi.  These people are nuts.

Below is more footage of Antifa thugs carrying signs that read, “We will defend our communities” while burning the place down and bashing in heads.

What do the Antifa thugs wearing Black and hiding behind their masks have in common?  They are all Caucasian male and/or female, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Oakland, Occupy Portland trust fund babies and like OWS, the communities that they are destroying are not their own.

WARNING:  The following video is  EXTREMELY VIOLENT

As NOT reported by the Communist media complex and when they do report the violent acts of Antifa thugs, they justify it as a war against Trump supporters and white supremacists.  Anyone watching these videos can see that the real white supremacists are Antifa.

Progressives hope to push their agenda on the blood and bodies of dead Blacks.

Jeffrey Toobin is a liar but there is also a reason that he’s trying to link Antifa violence to Black Americans.  Toobin is doing the bidding of his deepstate masters, the goal of which is to lure Blacks into the streets of America to fight alongside these Antifa thugs.

The deep state, at war with President Trump along with Democrats, their Communists counterparts, pundits and NeverTrumpers in collusion with the media need desperately to have a Black person killed in the streets of America at the hands of a police officer or a Trump supporter during one of these riots while cameras conspicuously placed and rolling.

If not killed, then damned near beat to death will do.  Moreover, the assailants need not be a police officer or Trump supporter because the lying media will take care of the narrative.

Plotting these narratives is not new.  For decades, going as far back as Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground and then some, the left has worked to bring Blacks into their war on America which has nothing to do with the plight of Black America.  Progressives believe that if a Black person is killed during a protest or riot, an enraged Black community will come out en masse thus furthering the Progressive agenda.

This is who they are.  Once again, Progressives prove themselves to be the real racists, not Donald Trump, his supporters or the pastors who dined with the President.

OMG! Look at all of those scary Black people….NOT!

CNN who never shows Antifa attacking Black officers and calling them the “n” word has outed themselves yet again as agents hiding under the Progressive banner that thinks nothing of co-opting Black America to push fake news and propaganda.

I would love to see #AntifaSoWhite trending on twitter.


Vassar Bushmills

How did I miss this five years ago?

We’ve been writing “dark alley” posts for several years now, telling readers they can blight the path of the Left; in government, in education, colleges and university.

Our rule was just don’t do physical damage (maybe a bloody nose) and harm any animal.

Misdemeanors. It was minimal risk if you got caught, but the idea was to not get caught because even in 2011 we knew the Left was organizing strong-arm brigades, especially in blue cities where they knew they could get away with it, and would do to you what you would never do to them, if they only knew where you lived.

They arose from the OCCUPY MOVEMENT, but it was just a matter of time before they would go full-throttle anarchist, which really does satisfy the inner needs of a large portion of a generation who could tear up an entire toy aisle at Toy R’Us  without actually suffering any consequences. Their misbehavior was always indemnified.

God only knows how many kittens and bunny rabbits in their neighborhoods were tortured and murdered.

Face-to-face, one-on-one, they aren’t very good or dangerous, but like most predators they like to separate the weak from the herd, old people, the helpless, the outnumbered,

then satisfy those inner. Not wholly unlike rapists.

These scenes are similar to many others you’ve seen.

Portland has been a hotbed lately, but expect it to move east…but still to hospitable places where the cops will not hit back…and let the rich kids have their way with car windows, even their own squad cars, and downtown store windows.

But for reasons I don’t know, suddenly many of these felons (maybe Oregonians are getting tired of being a national laughing stock) are being arrested and taken down town, mug-shot, and booked.

Now, I don’t know if Portland Police are releasing photos and names of only out-of-towners, or all the people they arrest, and you’ll see there are a number of older people in the photo array, some who look like they must have just been picked up at saloon, and offered $10 to go stand around, wear a mask, and act menacing…and clearly several who look like they are not Sociology 202, or even Gender Studies student material.

But they are releasing the names and home addresses of many or all the people they take into custody.

I mentioned this in July 2016,  when Black Lives Matter shut down a major highway in Richmond to protest the BLM complaint-of-the week, whatever that was. People who were arrested there were a mix, older people, lefties who do this for a hobby, sort of like Code Pink, who carry their get-out-of-jail money in their socks, college profs from as far away as Pennsylvania and Charlottesville, and actually even some black people. And students. The usual suspects. Not sure if any people died because the ambulances couldn’t get through, but citizens were hot.

I noted in the article where many of those who were arrested were from, but no one bothered to see if there had been mug shots taken that married up with the names and addresses.

This is huge. For now we can actually torment these people…yet never break the law.

You have no idea how important it is that these people have to look over their shoulders, fearing real Alt-Right gangs might want to track them down, or much worse, that the crew at Dunkin’ Donuts might find out they’re just as creepy off-duty as they are on.

So, lookee here.

There are dozens of mugshots like these, just Google ANTIIFA-MUGSHOTS. (Just avoid including Tiger Woods whose DUI mugshot is also found.)

There will be more, and it will be interesting if any of these people show up in future mugshot-lineups, say in Detroit.

A simple To-Do List

All you have to do is 1) match a name and address to the face, 2) Design a nice Wanted Poster template, (don’t mention a bounty, or anything stupid like Dead or Alive, and say only something that can be proved, such as “Domestic Terrorism” or “Fascist Terrorism” then 3) using Facebook or other social media, shop around for local residents in their locale, who also don’t like fascist hooliganism either and who may be willing to collaborate with friends to print say 100 and then hang them around where the ANTIFA’s hang out.

You’re mission is completed.

Just don’t get too boastful. Stay in the stealth mode. And wait to see if @Jack catches up with you.



Vassar Bushmills

It was this way once and it may have to be again.

This is Walter Huston, “Beast of the City”, a 1932 gangland film, one of the early talkies, pre-censorship, and probably a scene which never really occurred in the real cops vs gang wars of those days.

But it was clearly a theme the people of America wholly endorsed.

Let it sink in.


(Oh, that platinum blonde that was shot peeping over the rails was Jean Harlow, for those of you who don’t know.)

There were no-go zones then, too. There have always been no-go zones, almost everywhere.

When I worked for a brief while for the State of Montana and was sent to Missoula to visit a strip mine, I spent the night but was advised “Don’t go to Minnesota Street”. It was as if the city fathers had zoned Minnesota Street as Missoula’s “rowdy town”.

I later came to find out, after a few years in Arizona and wandering throughout the West that almost every western town had a no-go street, ever since the Earps were in Tombstone; honkytonk bars with brawling, gambling, fast women, and probably, since it was 1971, a fair smattering of drugs and other illicit transactions. I’m certain I could fence most any stolen item through a choice of contacts on Minnesota Street.

It wasn’t a certainty that you’d be mugged, but in all no-go zones, if you’re from out of the zone, certain rules apply.

And Minnesota Street’s rules were more or less guaranteed by the business proprietors there, just as the rest of Missoula had its own. A sort of truce existed. And as long as the dealers and rowdies didn’t try to expand their territory, and the Ladies Church League was content, the heavy hand of the law never encroached until someone was killed or seriously wounded.

I’ve been all over the world, in great cities, but was never afraid to walk the streets, except in Mexico. No one went down dark alleys. Hong Kong, Taipei, Manila, Tokyo, Seoul, Sofia, Kharkov (Ukraine), Moscow, Gorkiy, they all had no-go zones, only I never tested them after dark. And I walked everywhere.

So it came as no surprise to me to learn that French and Belgian cities, and now Scandinavian cities, have no-go zones, for these are the places where sharia is the ruling law. How the French dealt with “Muslim” acts that were 100% contrary to their western values, such as murder, rape, child marriage, I can’t speak to, but “no-go zone” standing alone didn’t offend me.

But think of Harlem, in New York, who wanted and needed white business. Places such as the Apollo Theater needed the white after-hours crowd to come “slumming” from at the 1920’s on. Like Missoula, the businesses there kept the thugs at bay.

But that’s the rub, isn’t it?…some sort of reciprocity with the broader community at large.

In the 1960s, with the Great Society, LBJ’s plan was to literally bottle all the urban black folk up, and give them free room and board, in a manner of speaking, and all the Pepsi’s, chips, and lottery tickets they could buy, on the tacit understand they would stay in their neighborhood. A system of passes and visas developed as to who could come out, and who couldn’t. The likes of Michelle Obama never interacted with any of her brothers and sisters on the Southside. Trust me. Michelle was raised pretty much the same as Hillary, just a different Chicago neighborhood. (They would never have been friends.)

Americans from sea-to-shining sea have paid billions to keep that system running, so now, in all the crime-ridden neighborhoods we have no-go zones of a different type in America, where there is no reason for anyone to want to come there to spend money, so no reason for business to want to “keep the lights on” at night.

For that  matter there’s no reason to educate their children, or get them out of those hell holes, especially since the ward heelers rake off most of the money dedicated to education them anyway. The middle men take as much as half of the federal money spent to room, board and educate them, so very few in the rest of Chicago and Illinois aren’t really all that unnerved or saddened that 65 was shot last week, or 45 the week before, or 700 homicides in 2016.

Yes, the occasional child gets shot in a drive-by, collateral damage, and the city weeps, Channel 6 gives a 2-minute memorial, and if it gets really, really bad, which in the summer heat it often does, a few civic groups and prominent African-Americans will march, arms interlocked, only not in Southside, but along Michigan Avenue. This has happened dozens of times around America in the past 50 years.

(This my favorite map, and almost perfect overlay of the part of the United States that vote solid Democrat and the parts where crime is king.)

Chicago is now in its third generation now, a cycle that seems we are politically unable to break.

When Prohibition ended in 1933, (after the film above made) it would be another decade before the streets were safe in the Italian and Irish neighborhoods.

It’s only natural for people today to ask, WHEN and HOW will this mindless killing end?

But wait, it now seems at the other end of the educational and economic spectrum it may actually be ramping up, for some really stupid college kids have been putting on masks and wielding sticks, isolating members of prayer groups and freedom-of-speech advocates, beating them up a bit, while their fans can take pics for the class reunion album…and now think they can graduate to guns. a,d pretty much go after people they don’t like.

They love storm-trooper thug tactics, but apparently never saw “the Night of the Long Knives” fate those storm troopers ultimately suffered.

By 1932 police looked back to when Prohibition was first passed in 1919 and considered all the things they could’ve done then to keep the gangs from becoming strong and powerful, but didn’t.

Now no cop ever walks into a ballroom, standing eight abreast and five deep, pistols drawn, and starts moving on a band of mobsters  at the other end of the ballroom, also eight abreast and five deep, and keep shooting until the last man is down and the bodies stacked up like cordwood. That was just fiction.

But after the popular television series by that name, for many years police used dragnet-methods of raiding entire areas of a crime territories, with great shock-effect, giving city fathers and law enforcement a chance to do a little cleaning up. Then LBJ built brand new self-contained slums which remain today.

But those college-kids?

I can’t help but smile when I think of them standing in line, acting tough, and a phalanx of cops walk toward them, pistols already drawn, daring them to play chicken. Lay that card on the table, make a few arrests, and 90% of the Antifa movement should evaporate into thin air.

Break out the billy clubs sooner than later. Don’t carry them to the paddy wagon kicking and screaming. Cuff ’em, then carry them off limp. Politicians may not have the stomach for this, but it’s not politicians being assassinated. They have declared war, both in the ghettos and in the colleges. one bloody nose or mouthful of Ivory Soap will likely fix that.

(It took two to make me stop.)