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Abstinence — still the safest form of birth control for all living things

Recent news stories reaffirm that, if you’re a woman who cares about the environment, your preferred form of birth control should be abstinence. I was cleaning out the files on my computer when I came across a poster I put together three years ago. Looking it over, I realized that today’s [Read More]


The Lefts incurable addiction to Statism

Individual Leftists may, from time to time, learn to reject Statism, and the worship of the State, but the ideology of leftism is inexorably wedded to the ideals of Collectivism, which demands the State be supreme in all matters including charity. Lena Dunham, writing an op-ed for the NY Times [Read More]


The essential data missing from Samantha Bee’s anti-Catholic diatribe

Samantha Bee, who has a half-hour “comedy news” show, made headlines when she did a segment viciously attacking Catholic hospitals around America. Her premise is that there are too many Catholic hospitals in America, which is a bad thing because the celibate men in charge are guilty of extreme misogyny [Read More]