Long-time BK Dem Assemblyman Hikind Reads Schumer the Riot Act, Vows to Back GOP

After receiving an email soliciting donations from Senator Schmuck, correction Chuck Schumer, long-time ally, Dov Hikind and Democratic Assemblyman of the New York’s State legislature representing Brooklyn posted an open letter to his Facebook page lambasting Schumer also from Brooklyn. SIDEBAR On a personal note, I have followed Hikind for [Read More]

Source: Senate Democrats_Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Class, Political Class, de class, and No Class, a Primer on the Democrat Left

Vassar Bushmills If you haven’t noticed, our war with the Left has taken a turn for the better. So, in keeping with my general opinion that ideologies that are counter to our constitutional understanding of freedom should be sent packing as unceremoniously as possible, it follows that when I find [Read More]