POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: First they came for confederate generals, then black conservatives.

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS The KKK…. Political Correctness…. “…Political correctness exploits the suffering, the history and the bodies of African-Americans to suppress other African-Americans. While it divides the country along racial lines, it also divides racial groups internally, putting its activists in charge of forcing African-Americans into conformity with the Left. Black [Read More]


Bill Whittle & D’Souza eviscerate Progressives for inciting hate and bigotry

Talk about truth to power, Bill Whittle and Dinesh D’Souza nails it. Published on Sep 3, 2017 by Dinesh D’Souza In this interview, Dinesh D’Souza and Bill Whittle reveal what really happened at Charlottesville and what Democrats are doing on a regular basis to incite hate and violence all around [Read More]


Liberal Pollsters Report Confederate Statues Should Stay

Vassar Bushmills Daily Caller reports astounding findings over the weekend about public sentiment over Confederate statues, largely found in the South. The most amazing poll is that by a 44%-41% split, African-Americans want the statues to stay. It would have been even more informative had the polls reflected the votes [Read More]

Confederate statues

More thoughts on removing Confederate statues

I explain why I think it’s reasonable to remove Confederate statues — but I also explain the strict limits I place on doing so. In yesterday’s post about Charlottesville and Confederate statues, all the comments seemed to go to the latter issue. On that issue, I wrote that I agree [Read More]

Social Issues

Where I stand on Charlottesville and Confederate monuments

At Charlottesville, Antifa and Neo-Nazis proved to be birds of a feather; and blacks are right to want to remove Confederate monuments from public spaces. I’ve been rather conspicuously silent about events in the South. As you know, I like to wait until the hysteria settles and facts emerge to [Read More]