“Q” – WHO? WHAT? WHY? – An Introduction To “Q”

THIS ARTICLE BY THE GREAT “DEBORAH FRANKLIN” APPEARED FIRST IN: AMERICANTHINKER.COM By Deborah Franklin EXCERPT: Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing. Now comes the pain.  The headlines on any given day may sound discouraging for those who want justice to prevail. But these setbacks are temporary, as a juggernaut of justice heads our [Read More]

Michael Savage, conservative Talkshow King -

Michael Savage: Antifa Occupy “Are the Brownshirts” of the “Democrat Party.”

Michael Savage: Antifa Occupy ‘Are the Brownshirts’ of the ‘Democrat Party’ 16 Oct 2018 ARTICLE BY Robert Kraychik, AT BREITBART.COM Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Savage reflected on recent violent events committed by left-wing activists in Portland, OR. “What happened over the weekend in Portland with the Antifa violence — a domestic terrorist [Read More]