Democrats now worship flies

While most people want to disassociate themselves from flies, Democrats are behaving as if flies are their heroic avatars. Because humans are what they are, the fact that a fly briefly alighted on Mike Pence’s head during the vice presidential debate, the story was considered newsworthy. After all, flies are [Read More]

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The Presidential Debate: Third Time Charmless? UPDATED!

By: Mike McDaniel   The venue for the third debate, taking place in Sin City, seems particularly appropriate this year. The media, and to a lesser degree, the electorate, seem to have gone mad, focusing on unproven allegations of boorish behavior on the part of Donald Trump, all a decade or [Read More]

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The 2016 VP Debate

By: Mike McDaniel   Did you know that Hillary Clinton got Osama Bin Laden? Did you know that American troops are safe from terrorism because most of them aren’t in Iraq anymore? Did you know that Hillary Clinton’s inspired diplomacy stopped Iran’s nuclear program? This must be true because Tim Kaine [Read More]

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What they’re saying about Trump and Clinton

I scored Trump as the victor in the debate because he did what he needed to persuade, whereas Hectoring Hillary’s “teacher’s pet” stylings and grackle voice were offputting. Here’s are some excerpts from what other commentators have to say about Trump and Hillary. What a lot of them have in [Read More]

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Debate analysis and open thread

I tried to watch the debate, not as a politics nerd who is up on a lot of data, but based on what I’ve learned about persuasion techniques from reading Scott Adams’ posts. This meant tuning out a lot of the words and focusing on the key points Hillary and [Read More]