Biden dementia

Call me callous, but I’m enjoying watching Joe Biden decompensate

Watching Joe Biden, it’s no longer “Joe being Joe.” His mind is visibly breaking down and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving excuse for a human being. Aging is cruel. Smooth skin becomes wrinkled, clear eyes become dull, bright hair grays and coarsens, lithe bodies thicken and stiffen, joints [Read More]

Hollywood Dan Schneider foot fetish pedophilia

The Hollywood sex scandals reveal a widening pool of damage

A post in which I opine about Hollywood sex scandals, pedophilia, dirty old men, and the many choices people make that enable truly bad behaviors. Looking at the bloodletting that’s spreading from Hollywood, to the mainstream media, to Leftist hi-tech corporations (e.g., Amazon) led someone, and I can’t remember who [Read More]

Anti-Trump Protester
Donald Trump

[VIDEO] Anti-Trump protester indistinguishable from person with dementia

This anti-Trump protester uses the same mental gymnastics that a person with moderate dementia uses to deflect questions. Coincidence? I think not. This young woman bearded an anti-Trump protester in his natural habitat (making a ruckus at the beautiful, pink Texas State Capitol building in Austin) and asked him to [Read More]