February 22, 2017

An Open Letter To The Democrat Media

December 1, 2016 JoshuaPundit 0

The Democrats -and especially the Democrat media- are still roaring in pain over Donald Trump’s victory and the GOP’s control of congress and most of the state governments. They still haven’t come to grips with what happened and especially, why. The latest meme for a lot of them is plotting  [Read More]


California Seceding? Don’t Make Me Laugh!

November 28, 2016 JoshuaPundit 1

The latest manifestation of butt hurt, crybaby lefties are threats from Democrat owned California to secede from the United States. Here’s a sample of what the#neverTrumpers at Bloomberg have to say: Immediately after the election, state Senate President Kevin de León and his Assembly counterpart, Anthony Rendon, both Latinos from [Read More]


Keith Ellison, The Perfect DNC Head!!

November 21, 2016 JoshuaPundit 0

The Democrats have a new hero who’s heavily favored to take over running the Democratic National Committee (DNC) He’s none other than Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN). He’s a leading member of the Progressive Caucus in Congress, a black, a Muslim and a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. I [Read More]