Katie Hopkins – Proof The British Lion Isn’t Dead Yet

British journalist and activist Katie Hopkins is a brave (and side splitting funny) voice for the Britain that we all admired before its politicians gave in to Islamism, ‘multiculturalism’ and dhimmi cowardice. Her message is simple…get furious and fight back. Here is an outstanding,must hear speech she recently gave at David [Read More]


The Right Thing To Do

By: Mike McDaniel   These are the benighted denizens of flyover country. These are the people that rattle around in the progressive “basket of deplorables.” This is America. From Fox News: Navy veteran Jerry Wayne Pino died on Dec. 12th in Long Beach, Mississippi.  He was 70 years old. We don’t know that much [Read More]

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s Deplorables Strike In Rural North Carolina

The minivan slows to a crawl, then dies. The Latina driver with her daughter unbuckled in the front seat frantically tries the starter but the engine refuses to turn over. Within seconds she is surrounded by white men. Again she tries the engine, pumping the accelerator furiously, beads of sweat [Read More]