June 24, 2018

The UK Elections, As Seen By A Non-Brit

June 8, 2017 JoshuaPundit 1

The UK elections will be held tomorrow. The campaign started out quite differently from where it is now. Conservative PM Theresa May’s idea was to hold a referendum now to increase her majority, since Labour at that time was very low in the polls. Which shows you what you get [Read More]


Vive Brigitte Bardot! “Don’t Vote For Macron.”

May 3, 2017 JoshuaPundit 0

On the run up to the elections, France’s film icon Brigitte Bardot came out strongly against Emmanuel Macron, telling her fellow countrymen not to vote for him in France’s presidential election on Sunday, saying you can see his lack of compassion in “the coldness of his steel eyes”. Well, yes, [Read More]

Donald Trump

Those dangerous “holier than thou” #NeverTrumpers

October 22, 2016 Bookworm 0

Charles Krauthammer wrote a magnificent indictment of Hillary Clinton, only to finish up by saying, “I hate Trump too, so I’m sitting this one out.” What Dr. Krauthammer seems to have missed is that, in a world of binary choices, there is no sitting things out. If you don’t put [Read More]