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Donald Trump

On Trump, Progressives confused by irony and facts

The NYT published an article asserting 40 “facts” indicting Trump. In truth, each of those “facts” was false or pure opinion based upon intractable bias. The New York Times published an article by one of its opinion columnists, David Leonhardt, that purports to indict Trump in a mere 40 sentences, [Read More]

Nike Kaepernick

Bookworm Beat 9/4/18: the Nike – Kaepernick follies illustrated edition

Nike’s decision to have America-hating, cop-hating millionaire and failed QB Kaepernick as one of its “faces” inspired some great illustrated commentary. You already know that Nike, for its 30th anniversary edition of the very successful “Just Do It” ad campaign, has chosen to anoint Colin Kaepernick as one of its [Read More]

Trump-Russia Collusion

Helpful Links to Understand the Trump-Russia Collusion Narrative (by Wolf Howling)

Recent commentary from Adam Schiff, Andrew McCarthy,  Lee Smith and others illuminates important issues swirling around the Trump-Russia collusion narrative. Rep. Adam Schiff, one of the four Congressional Democrats with the clearance to actually put eyes on all of the top secret documents made available to date by the FBI and [Read More]