June 24, 2018
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Bookworm Beat 12/22/16 — the random news edition

December 22, 2016 Bookworm 0

This is a random news edition because I’ve spent the day doing such scintillating things as cleaning the kitchen (including behind the refrigerator) to quell an ant infestation and spraying clothes with Pemethrin to prepare for an upcoming trip to some malarial hot spots. Throughout the course of the day, [Read More]


When your life revolves around being a victim………

December 21, 2016 Doug Hagin 0

Moonbattery has the sad saga of the ongoing competition to be the biggest victim group Last month’s University of California Students of Color Conference demonstrates why. UCLA student Jacqueline Alvarez reports: [An] example of safe spaces gone wrong was the 2016 Students of Color Conference held [last] month, which hundreds [Read More]


More Identity Politics Indoctrination

October 18, 2016 Doug Hagin 0

The Left destroys everything it touches. Race relations is no different. Right now, the Left is on a relentless campaign to shove identity politics onto our kids. Moonbattery has the latest example Now that we have left individuality behind in favor of identity politics, there is no use aspiring to [Read More]