October 22, 2017
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Donald Trump

TRUMP?! Trump.

November 9, 2016 1willford 0

By: Mike McDaniel   Struggling with a nasty sinus infection, I went to bed last night about 2200, uneasy about America’s future. I awoke to a new reality. Donald Trump? President -Elect Donald J. Trump?! Trump. For many years now, I’ve been reduced to voting for the candidate I believed would do [Read More]

Donald Trump

I don’t want Hillary to drop out of the race!

September 12, 2016 Bookworm 0

Rumors are circulating that the Democrats are frantically looking for a way to displace Hillary from the top of their ticket. That assumes, of course, that it’s even possible to do so at this late date, with states already having locked in the primary winners. The obvious people to fill [Read More]