Peter Strzok, bias, and the appearance of impropriety

Whether or not Strzok is lying about his ability to be impartial (and I think he is), shouldn’t the appearance of impropriety be enough to end his farce? I’ve watched bits and pieces of Peter Strzok’s appearance before the House. I’m disposed to dislike him, so I ran what he had to [Read More]

National Security

Full Measure w/Sharyl Attkisson: Protecting the Border (video)

For the past week, DACA and immigration reform has been on the front burner. A few weeks ago, Full Measure w/Sharyl Attkisson traveled down to Laredo, Texas which is located on the U.S.-Mexico border.  While there, Attkisson interviewed Pete Saenz, Mayor of Laredo, members of its law enforcement and ICE [Read More]


Trump Designs New Model for Being the Boss

Vassar Bushmills Trump Pays for Lavish Christmas Feast for Police and Military Who Protect Him. The Left will mock him, call him a garish show-off, but it will be a generation at least before the next Barack Obama will spend millions of our dollars to vacation his family around the world. Hell, [Read More]