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Silence of the MSM lambs

Tweet The New York Times tells of how the National Enquirer put together the John Edwards story. Pulling together reporters to dig into the rumor, Mr. Levine began something that once seemed unthinkable: not only the downfall of a presidential candidate with a meticulous image, but, for the sensational tabloid, something resembling respectability. By being […]

No Margin of Error in Picking This Weeks Weasels

Tweet This week’s winners touch on many topics while converging on the simple fact that the mainstream media has been illegitimate in its coverage of Barack Obama. Whether the topic is Barack Obama’s character, misleading polls or the perceived racism of anyone that doesn’t support The One you can be assured that the facts contradict […]

Weasel Worthy: Media Insiders Worry About Their Own Bias

Tweet There is less than one week left before the nation elects a new President and the race is still to close to call according to some polls. The gap between Barack Obama and John McCain in Gallup Poll Daily tracking from Saturday through Monday has narrowed slightly, and Obama is now at 49% of […]

Winning Submissions Tell A Tale of Two Obama’s (and one media)

Tweet This weeks winning entries pit the mainstream media’s pro-Obama narrative against Barack Obama’s actual record of accomplishment and personal identity. The media has shed what little credibility they had by coming to the defense of Barack Obama’s “share the wealth” statement. Once again those that oppose Barack Obama on substantive matters are being labeled […]

Submissions: Doing the Job the Media Refuses to Do

Tweet Last night political observers geared up for a townhall style presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain. It was clear as the debate wore on that it would turn out to be horribly boring and uneventful, and it was. The issues of Barack Obama’s character still linger. Meanwhile John McCain announced his plan […]

Nominations In The Midst of Operation Smear Palin

Tweet Click here to enlarge The media continues to attack Sarah Palin for a second straight week but it appears that those efforts may have actually backfired. The medias’ attempts to smear Sarah Palin has rallied the conservative base and sparked interest in her message, especially in the important white women demographic. Adding insult to injury […]