Obama THROWS “SECRET” Muslim Gang Sign At Fellow Muslims Conclave: “I AM ONE WITH ALLAH!” —Once In, Never Out.

BUSH SAUDI OBAMA AXIS OF POWER – While we were watching the right hand here’s what the left hand was doing: Bush/Saudi/Obama Axis Hid Bin Laden In Iran

BUSH SAUDIA OBAMA AXIS OF POWER U.S. Hid Osama bin Laden in Iran for Decade After 9/11; Bush & Obama White Houses Worked Saudi & Iranian Deal to Safeguard Terror Leader Article By: admin, TRUEPUNDIT.com Osama bin Laden, the founder, and leader of terrorism conglomerate al-Qaeda, who was responsible for [Read More]


How Obama Lies Financed Iran’s War Machine

How Obama Lies Financed Iran’s War Machine Article Written By Jeffrey A. Friedberg I read Barack Hussein Obama and his wife are ready to resume hitting the “campaign trail,” once more, to promote like-minded “progressives.” And other communist bastards. I also read that back in the year 2000, the “average [Read More]

Fourth Circuit opinion Obamacare

If only the opinion from the Fourth Circuit was retroactive to Obamacare

The Fourth Circuit held that a president’s reputation for honesty has to be read into his official acts. If only that rule were retroactive to Obamacare. Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that I haven’t comment on the latest atrocity from the Fourth Circuit, in the form of a decision striking [Read More]