May 20, 2018

Obama’s deplorable commutations continue

January 18, 2017 Doug Hagin 0

Does the name Oscar Lopez Rivera ring a bell? If not, you might think nothing of President Obama commuting his sentence. But this is why it ought to sicken you Mike Miles sums it up These presidential pardons absolutely define who Obama is: an America-hating socialist who thinks the “victimhood” of minorities [Read More]

Race Relations

Does our president have any empathy at all?

August 21, 2016 Doug Hagin 2

Obama, the Great Divider! My belief is, and has been, that our president is a Marxist to the core, so it should come as no surprise that he may care little for human suffering. Take the current tragic flooding in Louisiana. Our president has put vacationing, and golfing before going [Read More]

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Obama’s nuclear posture

April 16, 2010 The Watcher 0

Charles Krauthammer is greatly relieved by the results of the recently concluded Nuclear Security Summit: What a relief. I don’t know about you, but I lie awake nights worrying about Canadian uranium. I know these people. I grew up there. You have no idea what they’re capable of doing. If [Read More]


The goatherd-in-chief

April 4, 2010 The Watcher 0

Surely you’ve heard Aesop’s fable about the Goatherd and the Wild Goats. In short, a goatherd finds a herd wild goats mixed among his own goats. Over the winter he takes good care of the wild goats at the expense of properly caring for his own goats. As soon as [Read More]

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Weasel Watching

This is a surprise?

March 18, 2010 The Watcher 1

For 20 years President Barack Obama listened to the sermons of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who was a racist and an antisemite. So now he’s appointed Al Sharpton to be his liasion to the African American community. Instapundit: Kinda like if Bush had brought in David Duke to solidify things in [Read More]

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On the Obama administration’s Middle East roller coaster

March 15, 2010 The Watcher 0

Yesterday Barry Rubin provided a refresher course on the topic of the Jewish presence in “east” Jerusalem. October 31, 2009: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lavishly praises Israel as making “unprecedented” concessions in stopping construction on West Bank settlements while it is still going to build in east Jerusalem. [Read More]