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California turned this Democrat into a conservative

My California upbringing shows that people will cling to ideas long after the facts reveal those ideas are flawed — a scary thought for the 2020 election. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, one of America’s bluest of blue regions; attended UC Berkeley, which once was the [Read More]

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Donald Trump

Trump is no better or worse than other recent presidents

Hand-wringing about Trump’s personality and private life — when compared to most other recent Presidents — is akin to complaining that a leopard has spots. One of the things I hear from those who hate Trump personally is that he is worse than any other president who’s ever occupied the [Read More]

Ronald Reagan Time for Choosing

Hanks, Streep, and Reagan: The actor as an intellectual

Today’s Left accords great intellectual respect to Democrat actors but I can remember a time when the Left openly called at least one actor (Reagan) stupid. Those of us alive during the Reagan era, whether when he was California governor or United States president, remember that a consistent insult that [Read More]

Climate Change Anti-Trump Progressive Existential Despair

The existential anguish of the anti-Trump Progressive

Anti-Trump Progressives are suffering from an existential despair that has them believing his presidency means the imminent end of all life on earth. I was speaking the other day with a very good friend, who is one of the kindest people I know and who is also a fervent anti-Trump [Read More]