May 21, 2018
Donald Trump

Is President Obama reading my blog?

October 3, 2016 Bookworm 0

Trump is coming under the same attack that Palin did, not particularly because of their politics or accomplishments but because in the minds of the self-styled elite that populates Progressivism, Trump and Palin “are not one of us.” For people who value form infinitely more than substance there can be [Read More]

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Derangement by proxy

March 15, 2010 The Watcher 0

Obama by Proxy via Instapundit. Palin’s admirers often marvel at how the charges leveled against her are far more applicable to the current President. People who voted for an undistinguished junior senator from Illinois with few accomplishments are quick to assault Palin’s “lack of experience.” The same folks who instruct [Read More]

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The Council Has Spoken!

Winners Discuss Topics the Media Refuses to Cover

October 10, 2008 The Watcher Emeritus 4

The preceding week was so eventful I decided to put the synopsis below the winning entries. Surmise it to say that the financial crisis, a media that continues to whitewash the associations of Barack Obama, a GOP candidate that continues to miss opportunity after opportunity to confront Barack Obama with [Read More]

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Submissions for a Weasely Day

September 17, 2008 The Watcher Emeritus 3

Week three of Palin Derangement Syndrome continues as the mainstream media supporters of liberal Democrats move from ridiculously over the top attacks to hysterical antics, tricks and downright mis-characterizations. Despite their best efforts Barack Obama continues sliding in the polls. Perhaps the most bizarre example of the mainstream media meltdown [Read More]