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Abortion: the modern death cult that rejects Nature

By embracing today’s abortion Death Cult up to and including birth, the self-identified party of science and Nature rejects both science and Nature. Abortion is in the news again as some states legalize it up to the moment of birth while other states already have or are talking about limiting [Read More]



Vassar Bushmills (Just a friendly reminder. This is an enduring theme at, one of the pillars of why we opened that site. Veterans play a key role in saving America because they all have wagered so much more skin in the game than other Americans. Veterans as a group, for as far back [Read More]


Astronomer Johannes Kepler -“O, Almighty God, I am thinking Thy thoughts after Thee!”

American Minute by William Federer “O, Almighty God, I am thinking Thy thoughts after Thee!” wrote astronomer Johannes Kepler in The Harmonies of the World, 1619. Johannes Kepler was born DECEMBER 27, 1571. An attack of smallpox when he was four years old left Johannes Kepler with crippled hands and [Read More]


The March For Plumbing

By: Mike McDaniel    Well, the March For Science (and Earth Day) took place over the weekend, here and there, mostly in leftist enclaves. Odd that. That’s rather like having a march for plumbing, or carpentry. The difference being plumbing and carpentry pay their own way–actually make a profit–and have [Read More]

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On the eve of the so-called March for Science, big league colleges embrace gender delusions

Even as Progressives prepare to March for Science tomorrow, their institutions peddle lunatic delusions that will harm a generation. I’ve spent a fair amount of time trying to hunt down the science behind the claim that gender is separate from biological sex. Admittedly, modern medicine has made great headway when [Read More]

Just Plain Funny

The Boob Effect

By: Mike McDaniel    Have I ever mentioned, gentle readers, that I have a deep and serious interest in science? I’ve no doubt that right this moment, as you read these words, scientists around the world, perhaps in the United Kingdom, are laboring ceaselessly to improve Man’s lot on this fallen [Read More]

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A Day At The Designer Vagina Showplace

One of the hottest trends in ‘corrective’ surgery today is a ‘designer vagina.’ Surgery is available today to restore hymens, increase or decrease the opening, restore a clitoris after female genital mutilation, shortening or lengthening labia, you name it. The New York Post’s Kase Wickman visited a designer vagina showcase [Read More]


Israeli Company Develops Amazing New Bone Replacement Material – from Coral!

An Israeli company, CoreBone has come up with a major breakthrough in bone replacement, used for grafts and implants. “Bone grafts ideally should have four features,” CoreBone CEO Ohad Schwartz explained to ISRAEL21c. “They must be bioactive, not just a passive scaffold, in order to attract new bone cells; they [Read More]


Then the Left Declared War on Science

UGH! A so-called “fallist” has asked students at the University of Cape Town’s science faculty to consider scrapping science as a whole if it is ever to be decolonised. A “Fallist”” I think we used to call them idiots At a panel discussion this week‚ published to YouTube‚ the woman [Read More]