Dems Divulge Plan to Roll Back Tax Cuts, Implement Tax Hike After Mid-Term Elections.

Democrats Announce Plan for Infrastructure: Rescind Tax Cuts, Pile on Tax Hikes ANOTHER REASON TO BLOCK DEMOCRATS FROM TAKING CONTROL OF BOTH HOUSES: You know those “crumbs” that Nancy Pelosi keeps talking about?  Well, a few days ago Progressives lead by greasy Chuck Schumer and red diaper baby Bernie Sanders released [Read More]


AG Sessions Ends Obama DOJ Slush Fund that Funneled Billions to Marxist Groups

Last week while everyone focused on the James Comey hearing, Attorney General Jeff Sessions put an end to Barack Obama’s Department of Justice slush fund scheme that kicked into high gear under Obama doling out millions to Marxist ideologues, community organizations and groups such as National Council of La Raza [Read More]