May 26, 2017
Race Relations

Social Justice is the New Bullying

November 1, 2016 Doug Hagin 0

Social Justice sounds so, so just doesn’t it? I mean justice is right there in the name, right? And isn’t justice a good thing? I mean when justice reigns, bad guys get punished for their transgressions, and good people are rewarded and protected. How very, just right? Wrong! Social Justice [Read More]

Race Relations

Alfred Olango: Suicide By Cop

October 1, 2016 mcdanielm 2

By: Mike McDaniel   The social justice narrative is playing out once again in El Cajon, CA, a San Diego suburb, as CNN reports:  Two protesters were arrested after 50 people blocked an intersection in El Cajon, California, to demand accountability following the police shooting of an unarmed black man. Alfred [Read More]


Sadly, it has come to this, Feminism for dogs

October 1, 2016 Doug Hagin 0

Like I keep telling y’all, it is now impossible to parody the Left Young girls may be discarding their princess wands for superhero capes this Halloween, but not so in the canine world. The glass ceiling appears to be firmly in place at PetSmart, where career costumes labeled “male” include firefighter and [Read More]


The Jewish Left Lies About Tikkun Olam

August 25, 2016 RAvrech 0

by Robert J. Avrech I pay particular attention to the use and abuse of language by the left. The left has always lied and twisted reality to conform to its utopian ideology. But Barack Obama and the leftist media have ushered in a new Orwellian age where their morally depraved [Read More]

Race Relations

The Milwaukee Social Justice Riots: It Doesn’t Matter

August 19, 2016 mcdanielm 0

By: Mike McDaniel.  Circa August 18, 2016, with the Milwaukee case leading the news, it is instructive to review the pantheon of Black Lives Matter, holy social justice martyrs, all of which are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Democrat Party. Trayvon Martin: The Trayvon Martin of the Social Justice narrative was [Read More]