Transgenderism is the latest mental health fad, by guest blogger Lulu

For many people, transgenderism is a fad — but today’s mental health professionals shamefully ignore the emotional disorders that are pushing this fad.

(By guest blogger Lulu)

I am a mental health professional with over thirty years experience, so I have seen a lot of mental health treatment and diagnostic fads come and go. Time after time a new diagnosis catches clinical fancy. Suddenly everyone has ADHD. Now suddenly Bipolar Disorder is disproportionately diagnosed. And also Autism Spectrum Disorder. Once autism was a 1 in 10,000 disorder, then a 1 in 5,000, then 1,000, then 700, then 500, then 100, then 75. The latest I’ve seen is 1 in 39.

See where I’m going here? Broaden the diagnosis, generalize vastly, and everyone can have a label. To me it’s a bit frightening. Does anyone know what they are talking about? New labels, new diagnoses are bandied around like oracles, unquestioning professionals nodding their heads and accepting, never wondering, never challenging.

When I began practicing professionally, recovered memory was all the rage. Mostly young women in treatment supposedly suddenly recovered memory of traumatic incestuous sexual abuse or satanic rituals that had been repressed, suppressed and not remembered because of disassociation. Thousands of women abruptly cut parents out of their lives, sometimes accusing them of heinous crimes in court or denouncing them to family, friends and in media. Their recovered memories were recovered in hypnotherapy or in suggestive, leading therapies, and while there is no doubt that heinous sexual abuse occurs, there is also no doubt this became a trend, flames fanned by the media. Recent books have been written by women apologizing for the harm they did throwing around false accusations they really believed at the time when under the spell.

I recall being absolutely told that children never lie about abuse. Never. Their testimony is always accurate. Children cannot make these things up. Specialists declared the same. This culminated in the infamous McMartin Pre-School tragedy in which the innocent owners of a pre-school were convicted and sent to prison for the alleged satanic abuse of children, including sexual abuse, torturing animals, etc.

But it never happened. Suggestible children were led and cajoled by child abuse investigators, frightened parents and poor clinicians looking for confirmation. For heavens sake, they were preschoolers! When I was that age, I got a woman fired by lying as I remember guiltily now. I recall lying to my mother and telling her that a housekeeper hit me (children never lie about abuse…) all because my sister told me that she picked her nose and then cooked our food. When my mother fired her she cried and denied the offense. I didn’t speak up. I didn’t lie much as a child, but I lied terribly then, and viciously, and all I needed was a little pressure from my big sister to do so. Professionals must be wary. People, especially children and teenagers, are suggestible.

In my mental health work for a large school district we all knew about contagion. Teenagers and pre-teens desperately want to fit in. Many want to feel dramatic and to be noticed. If a popular cheerleader began cutting, her entire group of cohorts began cutting too. When a well-liked student died unexpectedly, in an accident, for example, it wasn’t just his or her friends grieving. Some kids wanted to be part of the grieving group despite only a passing connection to the deceased student, sometimes cynically to get out of class, but often to fit in, to feel like a deep, sensitive feeler responding to the emotions of those around them. Yes, again, some were stirred by their own traumatic memories, but not all.

Teens copy each other. They like to be noticed. Yet evidence that the transgender movement among youth fits this typical teenage pattern has been intentionally squelched and shut out.

So forgive me if I tell you that this transgender thing is the latest bandwagon, and professionals, pretending to be tolerant, pretending science validates this, are deeply harming the most confused and vulnerable of youth. Transgenderism is exceedingly rare. Now it’s a trend. It’s a way for kids who never fit in for a whole host of reasons, to claim that this is the reason, and to receive widespread public affirmation in the media and in certain circles for their fashionable struggle. It’s power. Everyone has to affirm the switch or be denounced as a hater.

This weekend I saw a young man I have known for years, mildly retarded, shuffling awkwardly, no facial affect, slow of speech and barely literate dressed up in a charming polka dot dress flared at the bottom, lace collar, stockings, high heels, pink lipstick, and with a huge red flower in his hair. He was re-introduced to us all as “finding her true self,” and his new ultra-feminine name was announced.

He looked so lost and confused, his eyes aching; I wanted to cry for him. If he at last found his true self, then why did he look so haunted and miserable? And who led this extremely vulnerable, delayed young man to make this catastrophic decision? To keep their bona fides, his uber liberal parents must go along with it, but where, who, how was he led to this point, and why doesn’t therapy not help a lost young man like this understand that dressing up in public is not the solution?

No one present was able to look at him and, without engaging in significant mental gymnastics, see a girl. Of that I am sure. My eyes easily and naturally saw before me a clumsy boy in a dress, playing a part, and we were all expected to play ours too. “Oh yes, I see a lovely girl, not a confused and lost young man.” “Oh yes, Zoey Tur is a beautiful and strong woman, not a deeply disturbed and confused man.” (This is the same Zoey Tur who, when offended by Ben Shapiro, grabs him aggressively by the neck and threatens him bodily harm. Amazingly “she” behaves totally like a guy in a bar or, as Shapiro put it, “profoundly unladylike.”)

We are told to constantly tell ourselves that men get their periods, that men give birth, that there are no gender boundaries. But this is another professional fad, a contagion of superficial theories and distortions. And we are asked to defy our eyes and pretend it’s all completely normal and healthy.

The incidence of suicide attempted and completed amongst transgender people is extraordinarily high. This is not an indication of finding one’s true self. It is a sign of the lost, becoming ever more lost. And lost with the so-called support of a society that doesn’t help but validates the pathology.

True transgenderism is rare and can create fulfillment in those cases. But sadly, transgenderism rates are higher amongst mildly autistic and other vulnerable groups, like this young man. And he is definitely not helped by becoming a slow-thinking, confused boy wearing a frilly dress. Now he is confused about one more thing. A big thing. How frightening for him.

We should be allowed to be honest about this, but we are not. I could never voice this in a mental health gathering without facing vicious attack. Yet the comorbidity of depression, autism, family dysfunction and so many other conditions with transgenderism should be a red flag to mental health professionals.

Besides the boy I referenced above, I know another “transgender” young adult. She is a clinically depressed young woman who had been a pretty, feminine, albeit depressed and friendless, young teenager. She grew up in the most dysfunctional family imaginable. Her father was an angry, controlling, very strange man and her mother a depressed, shrill, desperate woman. After alienating herself from all potential friends, this lonely young woman graduated high school, gained 150 pounds and declared herself a male. At last she fit in with a cohort of angry, alienated peers and her life of unhappiness became devoted to transgender topics on the Internet. Unhappy before. Unhappy after. Still seeking stability.

There is an aspect of “look at me,” but more, a power in controlling the behavior of others. I have never told an anorexic she is too thin and needs to diet more. No mental health professional would feed into the pathological thought pattern. The public mocked Rachel Dolezal for pretending to be black, yet a fake tan and hair weave is a much less drastic transformation than children taking hormones and later amputating body parts. Yet I am expected to do a McMartin again and say boys are girls, girls are boys, and affirm all 56 genders, at a huge psychological disservice to the most vulnerable among us.

I will not soon forget this sad, desperate-eyed young man with the red flower in his hair. What a cost to him and to society.

Bookworm Beat 9/1/2018: the “things we see on Saturdays” edition

This is a hodge-podge about debased funerals, corrupt investigations, stupid Leftists, Hollywood hate, and other stuff to amuse and dismay the reader.

Regarding the obsequies for McCain, it’s clear that the Wellstone funeral was a warm-up. I’d like to think that ordinary Americans, rather than being moved politically by demagoguery over a dead body (demagoguery that same dead person, when alive, planned for), won’t be impressed but will be disgusted. And that’s all I have to say on the subject.

McCain’s seat is not a hereditary asset. Rumor has it that the Arizona governor is contemplating giving McCain’s seat to his daughter, the execrable Meghan, or to his meaningless (but nicely wealthy) cipher of a wife, Cindy.

This is an appalling idea. These Senate seats belong to the American people. They are not family sinecures or heirlooms. Whatever drives Governor Ducey’s decision-making about filling that seat, it better be for the good of Arizona and the Republicans who elected McCain, and not for the good of the McCain political dynasty.

Aretha Franklin’s funeral turns into a circus. Aretha Franklin was a woman of tremendous talent who, so far as I know, always comported herself with dignity during a long life in the public eye. I wonder what she would have made of her funeral.

In the seats of honor were an antisemitic, anti-White, anti-Christian, homophobic madman and all-around hater (Farrakhan), an illiterate race hustler and antisemite (Sharpton), a somewhat literate race hustler and antisemite (Jackson), and a credibly accused rapist and serial sexual assaulter (Bill Clinton) who compulsively ogled an under-dressed entertainer in an obvious and unseemly fashion.

Bill was not alone when it came to sexually compulsive behavior. Bishop Charles Ellis III one of the pastors at the funeral seemingly spent a minute groping singer Ariana Grande (the same woman Bill ogled).

The viewing of the body revealed a raddled old harridan who claimed she had what it took to govern our nation but who is, in fact, so physically compromised she can no longer climb stairs on her own.

Giving a eulogy was a Georgetown sociology professor, Michael Eric Dyson, whose oozing Trump Derangement Syndrome suddenly gushed out in a burst of ghetto language attacking the sitting president. His verbal diarrhea was based upon that fact that Trump stated (accurately) that Franklin, whom he paid for her singing services at his hotels, “worked” for him. In Donald’s world (the real world), where talent is rewarded with well-remunerated employment, that was high praise indeed. Dyson, however, saw things in a different way:

“And then this orange apparition had the nerve to say she worked for him!” Dyson told the audience. “You lugubrious leech! You dopey doppelgänger of deceit and deviance! You lethal liar, you dim-witted dictator, you foolish fascist!”

“She ain’t work for you!” he exclaimed. “She worked above you! She worked beyond you! Get your preposition right!”

“Then he got the nerve to say he gonna grab it!” Dyson continued. “That ain’t what Aretha Franklin said – I’mma give you something you can feel.”

“Like the brothers in the streets say, tap lightly! Like a woodpecker with a headache!” he concluded.

It didn’t make it better that the emotionally incontinent Dyson used the same solemn occasion to lambast the Obamas:

Dyson did not hold back from criticizing the Obamas for not showing up to the funeral however.

“She was about transforming the existence of black America!” Dyson said of Franklin. “Now negroes scared to say they black!”

“Scared to show up at a too black place!” he exclaimed to loud applause.  “That’s why some black folk aren’t here today. They sendin’ letters, they don’t wanna get up in this blackness!”

“They don’t want to feel the nasty power of this blackness!” he continued. “We are black in Detroit! We don’t care! Take your shoes off! Dip in the water! Get baptized!”

Keep in mind, please, that this man teaches young people at one of the most prestigious universities in America.

Interestingly, another voice that deviated from the normal eulogies dared the black community to repair itself:

Pastor Jasper Williams launched a scathing criticism of black-on-black violence on Friday at Aretha Franklin’s funeral, where he delivered the eulogy.

“It amazes me how it is when the police kills one of us, we are ready to protest, march destroy innocent property. We’re ready to loot, steal, whatever we want. But when we kill 100 of us, nobody says anything. Nobody does anything,” Williams said.

“Black on black crime, we’re all doing time. We are locked up in our minds. There’s got to be a better way. We must stop this today. Think down, look down, walk down, talk down, act down — most times we are low down. Where is your soul?” the pastor continued.

“If you choose to ask me today, do black lives matter? Let me answer like this: no, black lives do not matter; black lives will not matter; black lives ought not matter; black lives should not matter; black lives must not matter until black people start respecting black lives and stop killing ourselves — black lives can never matter.”

Interestingly, of all the speakers, Williams was the man whom Franklin chose to give her eulogy. In other words, amidst all the ugly noise and deviant people at her funeral, the one person Franklin definitely wanted there believed that black well-being lies in black hands, and requires them to embrace traditional values.

Mueller’s pit bull violates Professional Conduct 101. Thanks to Bruce Ohr’s testimony, we know that Andrew Weissmann, the attorney known as “Mueller’s pit bull,” was part of the whole discredited FISA application. In other words, the same person investigating Trump for alleged Russian collusion was at all times privy to the fact that the whole basis for the Russia collusion — the Steele dossier — was an unveriable hit piece paid for by Clinton collusion with the Russians. Wow!

Without delving too deeply into the minutiae of the Rules of Professional Conduct governing attorneys in federal and state practice, I’d just like to repeat here one apropos rule from the ABA’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct:

Rule 3.7 Lawyer As Witness

(a) A lawyer shall not act as advocate at a trial in which the lawyer is likely to be a necessary witness unless:

(1) the testimony relates to an uncontested issue;

(2) the testimony relates to the nature and value of legal services rendered in the case; or

(3) disqualification of the lawyer would work substantial hardship on the client.

(b) A lawyer may act as advocate in a trial in which another lawyer in the lawyer’s firm is likely to be called as a witness unless precluded from doing so by Rule 1.7 or Rule 1.9.

The media is dancing fast to deal with info about the FBI and the DOJ. Watching the virulently anti-democratic (but very pro Democrat) MSM try to insulate its Chose Ppeople from harm is getting funny. Here you can see what the New York Times tried to sell versus what the facts are (a hat tip goes to this tweet):

Jews are stupid. American Jews remain one of the groups most vocally opposed to President Trump. That proves to me (a Jew) that despite this group’s vaunted “intelligence,” 50 years of adamantine commitment to American college education has turned them into brainless Leftists. (Along those lines, remember that people like Dyson, above, are their teachers.)

That dis-education is the only way to explain the fact that Jews cannot recognize Trump’s extraordinary commitment to Israel, seen in everything from his moving the embassy to Jerusalem to his defunding Palestinian terrorism to his plan to treat with the contempt it deserves the unique demand that Palestinians, unlike all refugees in the world, can transmit that status genetically to their descendants. They are so anti-Trump and, in many cases, so anti-Israel, that they’d rather see Jews burn again then see Trump bring justice to the Middle East. They are irremediably hostile to  the only liberal, pluralist, open society in the whole misogynistic, antisemitic, homophobic, anti-Christian Muslim Middle East.

Jews were smart — but when smart people go bad, they go bad with a vigor and enthusiasm that less smart people cannot hope to achieve.

It’s not only Jews whom the American education system makes dumb. It’s everybody:

Novato High School senior Lucy London doesn’t make corsets out of plastic straws because she loves plastic straws. She does it because she wants to keep the single-use items out of the landfill.

“I do everything to avoid plastic straws,” she said. But when she sees her friends sipping beverages through a straw, “I ask if I can have it when they’re done,” and she repurposes it into something functional, she said.

Now, the 17-year-old is determined to keep single-use plastic straws out of Novato altogether. She’s been so convincing that the Novato City Council this week voted 5-0 to start the conversation, which could make Novato the first Marin jurisdiction to take on the endeavor. Mayor Josh Fryday proposed the idea Tuesday after receiving an email from London.

Please be sure to check out the picture of little Lucy in her “straw corset.” This is the way the Left argues: data from 4th graders and “straw corsets” to make points.

And always — always — it’s about controlling everyone else to promote Leftists’ own “virtuous” policies.

To see Leftist totalitarianism, look to colleges.I noted in the above post that American higher education is the filthy well upon which American Leftism draws. Aside from antisemitism, nowhere is that more clearly illustrated than in the war on men. Leftists embrace the Kafka-esque sexual tribunals that are the norm across American campuses. Countless young men have been hauled before these tribunals without knowing who is charging them, without knowing what the charges are, without the chance to confront their accuser or witnesses, and without any counsel, or even a parent, at their side.

The same Leftists are up in arms that DeVos wants to restore some semblance of due process to this tyrannical travesty that is destroying countless men’s lives, often based upon nothing more than the fact that two drunk people hooked up or a young woman who slept with anything that moved wants vengeance on the last person with whom she had sex before her self-loathing overflowed. (See, for example, the lies, damn lies, and blatantly manipulated statistics out of Yale.)

Trump looks beyond skin color to actual values. Trump, like me, doesn’t care what color your skin is. He cares what values you offer. He again made this clear with his decision to appoint Kiron Skinner to help carry out his “America First” agenda:

President Trump has appointed Kiron Skinner, a well-known conservative African American scholar, as the State Department’s director of policy planning, and she is promising to check egos and carry out the president’s “America First” agenda.
“To counter 21st century threats and take advantage of unfolding opportunities, I will bring together a no-nonsense team of career diplomats, political appointees, scholars, and analysts who want to leave egos and outworn doctrines at the door,” she said in a statement to Breitbart News.

“In the cauldron of Washington politics this may sound naïve, but it must be done to create a 21st century American foreign policy that protects Americans and advances American interests,” she said.

“To effectively implement President Trump’s America First vision means thinking through the President’s ideas and good instincts with the seriousness that they deserve, and that’s exactly what my team and I will do,” she added.

As director of policy planning, Skinner will head the department’s in-house think tank, which provides strategic guidance to the entire building. Conservative foreign policy experts are cheering the move.

I wish Ms. Skinner oodles of luck in her new position.

Herr Dictator Mueller silences General Flynn. General Mike Flynn was one of America’s loudest and strongest voices speaking out against the threat of Islamic terrorism. The Obama government gunned for him. Mueller then almost certainly threatened Flynn’s son to get Flynn to agree to plead guilty to a crime even FBI agents acknowledged he didn’t commit. And now, Flynn is denied his First Amendment rights as Mueller sits on his ill-gotten sentencing:

There’s a reason why you haven’t heard much from Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn lately. The man who served his country honorably for 33 years has been effectively silenced by special counsel Robert Mueller as he awaits sentencing.

Given the circumstances of his plea deal, Flynn cannot speak publicly about anything related to the charges against him. Doing so could void his plea agreement with Mueller’s team and open him up to further legal proceedings that he is financially unable to defend himself against.

Flynn, who has worked his entire career on a government salary, has spent over one million dollars on his legal defense. The financial burden has forced him to sell his home in Alexandria, Virginia, and move into a family home in Rhode Island.

He has been effectively bankrupted and has had his reputation torn to shreds, all for the supposed crime of misleading the FBI about a perfectly legal conversation he had, as incoming national security adviser, with the former Russian ambassador to the U.S.

I don’t know why there isn’t a Flynn GoFundMe campaign yet. There should be.

Shut up, Wesley! If you ever watched Star Trek : The Next Generation, you know that a continuing joke was that Captain Picard routinely told the character Wesley, played by Wil Wheaton, to “shut up.” Viewers were always happy to hear Picard issue that command.

The ensuing years revealed that Wheaton was even more obnoxious than the character he played. He became a maniacally tweeting Left wing activist. This is an example of his tweet style:

And this is karma biting him in the butt:

The media and Catholic church pederasty. I’ll have more to say in a later post about the homosexual pederasty scandal in the Catholic church. For now, I think this is as good an indictment of the media as you’ll see today:

This is what happens to people without the rule of law. If there is no reliable legal process, you make your own:

The uncorroborated rumor of suspected kidnappers freely roaming the streets in the Mexican state of Puebla ended in tragedy Wednesday afternoon when two innocent men were forced out of a jail cell and set on fire by a furious crowd that roared and clapped in unison.

An independent video obtained by Univision clearly shows the brazen attempt when a mob rushed inside a police station house and overpowered the officers, dragging Alberto Flores Morales, 53, and Ricardo Flores Rodriguez, 21, to the town’s main plaza before they emptied jugs of gasoline over their bodies and lit them on fire, killing them both.

What a horrific, ISIS-style way to die. Mexicans, in the face of their government’s ineptitude and corruption, are reverting to the primitive. And these are the people Leftists insist should pour over our border in unlimited and un-vetted hordes.

By the way, anyone who says I’m being “racist,” can go eat soap. This is not about race, which implies inherent qualities tied to someone’s racial DNA. This is about societal collapse and the degradation of values, something that can happen to any people without the benefit of a freedom-oriented constitution and the values that go with it.

Sometimes the old media still does interesting articles. A good example is this Atlantic article, The Blood Harvest, about the extraordinary properties found in blood from the horseshoe crab:

The thing about the blood that everyone notices first: It’s blue, baby blue.

The marvelous thing about horseshoe crab blood, though, isn’t the color. It’s a chemical found only in the amoebocytes of its blood cells that can detect mere traces of bacterial presence and trap them in inescapable clots.

I recommend the whole thing.

Hard evidence of the abuse behind giving “trans” kids’ hormones. For years, I’ve been attacking the Left’s habit of handing The Pill out to little girls like candy. The Pill is a hardcore manipulator of hormones, and there’s no telling what it does to developing young women. We know a few things it definitely does to all women: blood clots, strokes, migraines, and depression, to name but a few of its less pleasant effects. We also know a few things it seems to do, whether making women prefer baby-faced young men or affecting the hormone wash over babies in utero even after their mother is off the pill (which may explain the rising number of LGBTQ etc. young people).

The Pill, of course, is not the only hormone manipulation out there. With the PC demand that the (compliant) medical community intervene with ever-younger children who claim to be transgender, doctors are prescribing powerful sex hormones to both boys and girls.

Buck Angel, a woman who opted in the 1990s to live as a male (when it was a more personal decision, not what may be a culturally-driven fad), got testosterone that her biological body was not prepared to accommodate. She eventually paid the price for those hormone treatments:

As it turned out, the testosterone had atrophied my reproductive system—a condition that could have been prevented by the use of estrogen cream. The atrophy fused my uterus and my cervix together, along with my ovaries and everything else, creating an infection that burst and became septic. The gynecologists who kept sending me home and telling me nothing was wrong could have prevented this from happening if they knew anything about trans men and testosterone. They could have administered estrogen cream for my vagina. They could have done an ultrasound instead of just a pap smear. They could have tried to figure it out. Basic understanding of hormones could tell you that adding testosterone to a genetically female body will remove estrogen, and estrogen is what makes a vagina function properly. These two simple steps could have prevented a situation like mine.

Angel thinks OB-Gyns need to know better, which may well be true in today’s world. It seems to me, though, that the really important issue is that our bodies were not meant to be inundated with hormones, whether those that mimic pregnancy or those that change the body’s external sexual characteristics. If we are going to administer those toxic hormones, we should at least wait until children’s bodies have fully developed with only Nature providing the hormone mix.

Is Thomas Wictor on to something about Hollywood and the flag? You’ve all heard by now that Hollywood doesn’t think the American flag had anything to do with the moon landing. Most people say that this is because of (a) Hollywood’s lack of patriotism and (b) its desire to market the movie outside of America.

The always interesting, but definitely eccentric, Thomas Wictor, though, has a different theory. He says that Hollywood has a history, not just of sidelining the flag, but of deliberately associating it with evil. He spells his theory out in this thread. What do you think?

And since Wictor’s was a very visual thread, I’ll wrap this up with a few posters and one excellent video:

Gender madness continues to turn female domains into the patriarchy

As the Left continues to push transgender madness, women are in danger of being marginalized in everything from sports to the art world.

Yesterday the Daily Wire put together a post about high school track meets in Connecticut. Usually high school track meets do not make the national news. What made this particular statewide track meet noteworthy was the fact that in both the girls’ 100 and 200 meter runs, the winners were boys.

10 years ago, people would undoubtedly have asked “What were boys doing running in the girls track race?” Now, of course, we don’t ask those questions anymore. We know that all a person has to do is announce that he or she feels that he or she is in fact a person of the opposite sex and all must accept that is true.

It would take a heart of stone not to laugh at the insane intellectual gymnasts the people in charge of this travesty go through to justify forcing girls to compete against boys. The reality is that boys have much stronger musculature, especially if they haven’t done any gene therapy, and even the slowest boy is equipped to leave a faster girl in the dust. Still, the bureaucrats go on:

Asked about the two girls who worked for years who got knocked out of the finals by Miller and Yearwood and the two girls who finished seventh and eighth in the finals who were denied a chance to compete in the New England championships, CIAC executive director Karissa Niehoff said, “We do feel for them. Fully agree it doesn’t feel good. The optic isn’t good. But we really do have to look at the bigger issues that speak to civil rights and the fact this is high school sports.”

Interestingly, the person quoted above is apparently a female bureaucrat. The male coach, Gary Moore, was less sanguine about the pretense that a girl is a boy. Well he made the politically’s correct statement that one of the boys ought to be able to compete as a girl, he added that the situation “wasn’t fair to the girls,” and that something should be done to “level the playing field.” Ya think?

The same insanity is now entering the ballet world. Ballet has traditionally been a woman’s world. While there are male ballet dancers, the women dramatically outnumber them. Classical ballet has been very strict about gender roles — women dance the women’s part and men dance the men’s part. The men in the Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, while wearing tutus and dancing women’s roles, never make any pretense that they are anything other than men:

They’re marvelous dancers, and they do the women’s roles with grace and elan . . . but they’re still men. That’s part of the fun.

In England, though, the New York Times tells us that things are changing:

For the first time in modern ballet history, a male dancer is performing as part of the female ensemble at an international ballet company, signaling an important moment in an art form that often celebrates a particular ideal of femininity. Or, as the great choreographer George Balanchine said, “ballet is woman.”

But in a world with a heightened awareness of gender fluidity, and with transgender people increasingly accepted in a variety of professions, including acting and modeling, ballet is taking its own brave leap.

Well, it’s a brave leap if you think a gender confused man with no hips, hyper-muscular legs and an Adam’s apple is going to add to ballet’s feminine appeal. If you go to the article I linked and look at the top picture, showing Chase Johnsey in an elaborate women’s costume, prancing gracefully with some other man in an elaborate male costume, they just look like two drag queens. Were I in the balcony at the theater, I probably wouldn’t notice, given that the costumes overwhelm the body. If I were in the orchestra, though, I might notice and wonder. Put that guy in a short tutu and, as the other pictures in the article show, there’s no question but that he lacks a woman’s body.

I don’t care too much, because I’ve given up on the art world. It’s a far-Leftist crazed fantasy that has little to do with the celebration of beauty and way too much to do with “statements.” I also think it’s the women in the women-dominated world who have to figure out whether they’re okay with a “prima ballerina” whose grand jetés and other flair pieces involving tremendous strength make the biological women look as if they’re standing still.

Instead, I wanted to comment on the gender insanity — the same we see in the Karissa Niehoff above — that infuses the New York Times article. This represents the brave new world the Left seeks to impose on us all, a world in which fantasy masquerades as “science.” As I’ve blogged about before, the Left has falsely dressed the whole gender madness up in science without any basis for doing so.

I don’t think I need to add comments to the following quoted material from the New York Times piece. You can draw your own conclusions about whether this is a healthy turn for a culture to take (with a reminder about the fact that Australia is already bringing the big SJW gender madness guns to bear against hapless college students):

Tamara Rojo, the director of English National Ballet who offered Mr. Johnsey a short-term contract in March, said she was “very sensitive about this being seen as a publicity stunt.” Instead, she said: “This is about reflecting the world we live in. There are different races, cultures and beliefs in our company — this is another aspect of that view.”


“I am a small, petite guy, but I am a man,” Mr. Johnsey, who is 5 feet 5, said. “My shoulders are wider, my calves are bigger, the textures of my muscles are different.” He added, “I had to cannibalize my body, make it run on energy from muscles and figure out how to lose muscle mass without losing strength.”


Isabelle Brouwers, a corps de ballet dancer who performs with Mr. Johnsey in the Mazurka in Act 3, said there had been no prejudice or hostility when he joined the company. “I think it’s a great and positive step in bringing ballet into the 21st century,” she said.


But while Mr. Johnsey’s appearance with a ballet company can be seen as a boost for gender equality, it could also be viewed as a man infiltrating an already competitive female domain. Wendy Whelan, the former New York City Ballet principal, said she had conflicting feelings.

“I don’t care what the body parts are, as long as artistically the dancer makes the choreography shine,” Ms. Whelan said. “If he is the best girl for the job, then great.” But, she added, this could be “another hurdle” for women in a field that is more difficult for them to succeed in than men. “Living the life of a woman in ballet means not having access to the privileges that come with the patriarchy,” she added.


Will Mr. Johnsey’s small step — an unobtrusive appearance with the female corps — in one of the most conventional of all ballets and companies — be a breakthrough for gender fluidity in ballet?


“I think ballet can be the perfect environment for gender fluidity,” Ms. Rojo said. “We are in a position where we could open up roles for lots of people. Obviously certain roles require physical strength for lifting, and are less obvious for crossover. But the potential is there.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: This will not end well.

And I’ll end with a point I made before, which is that I’m certainly open to believing that The Pill may contribute to the number of people who are biologically one sex but whose hormones whisper to them that body and body chemistry are misaligned. The logical thing, instead of destroying the body through surgery and drugs that cause cancer and sterility, is to adjust the hormones. However, the tyranny that is SJW political correctness makes it impossible to do anything other than embrace the madness, decimating lives as we go. Moreover, as the text above indicates, that decimation doesn’t limit itself to the people who ruin their bodies; it also affects those people (usually women) who are denied opportunities so that the transgender patriarchy can have its way.

Should gender dysphoria be treated with drugs aligned to genetic sex?

For people with gender dysphoria (transgenders), why do we brutally & dangerously force the body to match the mind, instead of gently matching mind to body?

In Ohio, a judge decided to remove a 17-year-old girl from her parents custody and, instead, give custody to her grandparents. The parents were not beating their daughter or starving her or depriving her of access to shelter or education. Instead, when their daughter announced that she was a boy, her parents rejected the idea of stuffing the child full of male hormones and continued to treat her as their daughter, not their son. (This included causing her emotional anguish by failing to acknowledge her male identity.) The local medical establishment, the grandparents, and the court decided that the parents were wrong. The girl is now being prepped for the latest in medical treatment for children with gender dysphoria.

There are a whole host of issues folded into the above paragraph that need to be unpacked in order to address my core question: Why has the medical establishment chosen the most violent, damaging treatment for such children rather than the least violent? And by “violent” I mean committing a serious assault on the human body.

Issue No. 1: Is there even such a thing as being “transgender”?

You’ll notice that I have avoided the term “transgender” and, instead, used the traditional medical term, which is “gender dysphoria.” As Ray Kremer nicely explained,

There are all types of body dysphorias, including the so-called “transabled” people who ruin perfectly functional body parts in order to become blind, an amputee, etc. Gender dysphoria is really no different than these, it’s just a variation on the theme of which body part is the scapegoat for making the person feel ill at ease in their own skin.

I would add to the list what is probably the most common gender dysphoria around: Anorexia. We’re all familiar with the young person, usually a teenage girl, who has a perfectly beautiful and healthy body, yet believes herself to be grotesquely fat. Her remedy is to starve herself to death. Significantly, we don’t call that girl transfat or transslender. We recognize that she has a mental illness that alienates her from the reality of her own body. We respond by treating her mind, to help her reconcile herself to her body’s reality.

When it comes to sexuality, though, this kind of common sense goes out the window. Suddenly, we have the whole medical and social establishment pretending that some people, despite entirely male or female bodies can, through the force of will and fantasy, magically become a sex opposite that of their body. Indeed, that’s how we ended up with the neologism “transgender” — it implicitly accepts the notion that mental discomfort, when taken seriously, magically changes genetic, biological reality. I refuse to use a term that pretends to science, but it really a disreputable amalgam of magical thinking and medical quackery.

Issue No. 2: While people with gender dysphoria are not magically the opposite sex just because they think they are, is there a possibility that their hormones and their genetic sex are misaligned?

There may well be an external hormonal cause for these mind-body disconnects.

Thanks to the current treatment the medical establishment is doing on people with body dysphoria, we have ample and repeated evidence that hormones affect not just the body (external sexual characteristics, such as breasts and gonads; musculature; the presence or absence of body hair; etc.), but that they also affect the mind. Men given estrogen become less aggressive and less interested in sex. Women given testosterone become more aggressive and more interested in sex.

Part of why men and women think and behave as they do is because of the gender specific hormones coursing through their bodies. Indeed, anyone who has witnessed their children going through puberty can see how strikingly different these sex specific hormonal effects are.

There’s reason to suspect that oral contraceptives may affect fetuses and gender. For example, there seems to be little doubt that a woman who takes the Pill while pregnant is more likely to have a child who is a hermaphrodite, which is true transgenderism:

Hermaphroditism is another condition that can affect the fetus, if you are on birth control during pregnancy. The condition affects especially the female fetuses that develop a set of reproductive male organs, besides their own ones, that are dominant. The main cause of this condition is given by the prolonged exposure of hydroxyprogesterone and norethidrone, two synthetic progestogens contained in high doses in most of the contraceptive pills.

Some people suspect that women who went off the Pill within a short time of conceiving may still have excess hydroxyprogesterone and norethidrone in their systems that is transferred to their child and even to that child’s child. These chemical hormone baths may damage the connection between the brain and the body’s genetic gender:

In the 1980s, I had a boss who had gotten a masters degree in psychology from New York University. He was a brilliant man; could have been a doctor. He told me a story that explains much of what we see in society today.

It seems that while doing his graduate work in the early 1960s, he had to do research on lab rats, which were given the synthetic hormones used in the then new birth control pills. The results, he told me, showed that the grandchildren of these lab rats would have high rates of homosexual behaviors. From what he told me, the findings were suppressed. Apparently, the powers that be wanted “the pill” to pass muster. What happened to the second generation of rats that followed was of no consequence to them.

Then my boss told me: The first generation of kids born to mothers using the pill have already arrived. But we should expect in another generation a noticeable increase in homosexual behavior, as they would be the second generation. As that was then still in the future, I was shocked.

This was told me in the mid ’80s. By his reckoning, we should have seen a societal explosion of homosexuality starting around 2000, and subsequently. And, of course, we have seen such an explosion. His prediction came true.

I understand that the above is a theory and one, moreover, too politically toxic ever to touch. However, as someone who fully understands just how powerful oral contraceptives are, I stand ready to accept the possibility that this forever-unexplored theory has a basis in fact.

Although the quoted material discusses the Pill and homosexuality, it seems to me that the theory could apply with equal weight to gender dysphoria. In other words, it’s entirely possible that the current rise in both homosexuality and gender dysphoria may be attributable to the ever-increasing number of women for several generations who have used hormonal birth control before getting pregnant.

Unlike people with gender dysphoria, homosexuals are happy in their own skin. They know they’re male or female. The difference between them and heterosexuals is not about identity, it’s about sexual attraction. They are drawn to their own sex and not the opposite. They therefore do not demand that they be addressed as something other than what they are, they do not demand dangerous hormonal treatments, and they do not demand deforming surgery.

However, when it comes to those kids with gender dysphoria, they are not happy in their own skin. Instead, they desperately need something to harmonize the painful disconnect between the genetic body they have and the sense of self their brain produces.

Issue No. 3: Just how violent and dangerous is the current treatment for people with gender dysphoria?

The current treatment process for those suffering from gender dysphoria is incredibly violent. First, it floods a body, usually a very young body, with hormones that the biological gender is not set-up to process. Second, it requires surgical mutilation.

Girls who suffer from gender dysphoria, believing that they are in fact boys and that their bodies should correspond with a boy’s body, get testosterone treatments. Testosterone’s effects on the female body range from permanent to temporary, and from innocuous to deadly. Here’s what happens to these girls (bolding in original; bolded-italics mine):

Females transitioning to males (FTM) may experience the following permanent effects of testosterone:

  • Atrophy of the uterus and ovaries, resulting in sterility
  • Baldness; hair loss, especially at temples and crown of head
  • Beard and mustache growth
  • Deepening of the voice
  • Enlargement of the clitoris
  • Increased growth of body hair
  • Sterility

Temporary changes, which are reversible after HT is stopped, include the following:

  • Behavioral developments associated with testosterone production during male puberty:
    • Aggression
    • Increased libido
  • Development of acne, similar to male puberty
  • Increased muscle mass and strength
  • Increase in number of red blood cells
  • Redistribution of fat from breasts, hips, and thighs to abdominal area

Increased risks associated with FTM testosterone therapy include the following:

  • Breast cancer
  • Cancer of endometrium
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • Hypertension
  • Liver disease

In addition to the effects of testosterone on a body intended to be female, these girls often have surgery (euphemistically called “gender reassignment surgery,” as if science can “reassign” a gender) to cut off what remains of their breasts and some have surgery to turn their enlarged clitoris into something more closely approximating a penis. If they later decide that they still want to carry a baby, they undergo a whole new round of powerful hormonal treatments to try to reverse their sterility and to get their reproductive organs functioning again.

Boys who suffer from gender dysphoria, believing that they are in fact girls and that their bodies should correspond with a girl’s body, get estrogen treatments. Estrogen’s effects on the male body range from permanent to temporary, and from innocuous to deadly. Here’s what happens to these boys (bolding in original; bolded-italics mine):

Males transitioning to females (MTF) experience the following effects of estrogen:

  • Breast development (full development takes several years)
  • Loss of ejaculation
  • Loss of erection
  • Shrinkage of testicles
  • Sterility

Temporary changes, which are reversible after HT is stopped, include the following:

  • Decrease in acne
  • Decrease in facial and body hair
  • Decrease in muscle mass and strength
  • Skin becomes softer and smoother
  • Slowing of balding pattern
  • Redistribution of fat from abdominal area to hips and buttocks

Risks associated with HT include the following:

  • Benign pituitary tumors
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Liver disease
  • Migraine headache
  • Tendency for blood to clot, causing related conditions:
    • Aneurysm
    • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
    • Pulmonary embolism (can be fatal)
  • Weight gain
  • Worsening of depression (if present); increased sensitivity to stress

In addition to the effects of estrogen on a body intended to be male, these boys often have surgery to add breasts and to cut off their penis and testicles. Recently, a man whose gender dysphoria caused him to feminize his body adopted a baby. His doctors gave him a series of powerful hormonal treatments to stimulate milk production in his breasts so that he could nurse this adopted child. The establishment was unconcerned about the risks for both the adoptive father and the child:

The Left is praising the use of domperidone on a male-to-female transgender individual who was given the U.S.-banned drug to induce lactation and exclusively breastfeed his child.


The “Results” of the case report read as follows: “A 30-year-old transgender woman who had been receiving feminizing hormone therapy for the past 6 years presented to our clinic with the goal of being able to breastfeed her adopted infant. After implementing a regimen of domperidone, estradiol, progesterone, and breast pumping, she was able to achieve sufficient breast milk volume to be the sole source of nourishment for her child for 6 weeks. This case illustrates that, in some circumstances, modest but functional lactation can be induced in transgender women.”


Domperidone has been banned in the U.S. by the FDA since 2004. “The serious risks associated with domperidone include cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac arrest, and sudden death. These risks are related to the blood level of domperidone, and higher levels in the blood are associated with higher risks of these events. Concurrent use of certain commonly used drugs, such as erythromycin, could raise blood levels of domperidone and further increase the risk of serious adverse cardiac outcomes,” says

Think about it: The same people who fear baby bottles with BPA lest it alter their child’s chemicals, and demand milk from cows that aren’t pumped with hormones, are kvelling about exposing a baby to a very dangerous chemical. Of course, these are the same people who also think it’s fine to stuff children with puberty blockers and sex  hormones.  (One of the things I love best about being a conservative is that I no longer have to struggle with the reductio ad absurdum of my positions or with painful cognitive dissonance as conflicting belief systems crash headlong into each other.)

Let me circle back to my original issue.

If you’re still with me, you need to accept as true the following principles:

Principle 1: Gender dysphoria is a condition in which a person’s brain and body have a disconnect. The body is incontestably a distinct biological gender (either male or female) but the person’s brain keeps telling the person that he or she is, in fact, the opposite gender. Were it not for the sexual component, which is the Left’s political hot button, this tragic condition would be viewed in the same light as other body dysphorias, most notably anorexia, in which we try to align the brain with the body rather than the body with the brain.

Principle 2: Gender dysphoria, unlike other types of body dysphoria, might have a hormonal component connected to changes in the mother’s body due to long-term oral contraceptive use. In other words, there may be more going on than mental illness. The person is not a hermaphrodite, because the body is genetically perfectly aligned with male or female, but hormones may have caused the brain not to recognize the body.

Principle 3: The modern approach to treating gender dysphoria is brutal and cruel. We use powerful chemicals and disfiguring surgery to force a change that the body was never intended to support. In addition to unpleasant side effects (acne for women, sexual disinterest in men), these chemicals make the users sterile and expose them to dangerous and deadly diseases that their bodies were not programmed to experience. And of course, any surgery is always a risk. After all, every year there’s some tragic story about a person dying while having wisdom teeth extracted.

If either Principle 1 or Principle 2 is correct, it’s reasonable to accept that something very real is going on with these poor people and that we should try to treat their condition. Principle 1 suggests that psychological therapy might work. Principle 2, positing that the problem is hormonal, suggests that psychological therapy won’t help. Medical intervention is therefore reasonable. Which leads us to Principle 3.

My question, which takes place at the intersection of Principles 1 and 2, on the one hand, and Principle 3, on the other hand, is this: Why has our culture opted for such an extraordinarily brutal, cruel, dangerous medical intervention?

Genetically, absent true hermaphrodism, the body is what it is: Either male or female. It’s the brain that’s in error. Doesn’t it make much more sense to give the brain hormones that naturally align with the body than to crudely and dangerously use chemicals and knives to force a body into a shape that roughly aligns with an erroneous brain? That is, in the first instance, shouldn’t we give girls with gender dysphoria estrogen and boys with gender dysphoria testosterone?

There are only two reasons I can think of to justify the current approach:

Reason 1: My suggestion for hormones that align with the body, rather than oppose it, has been tried and failed. I have not found any data to support this proposed reason. If you know of data, please tell me about it.

Reason 2: What we’re seeing with the current medical approach is the inevitable end point of the Left’s decades’ long attack on the sexual integrity of children’s bodies. To support this contention, let me quote from an article I wrote some years ago for American Thinker before all this “transgender” madness swept the West:

Those of us who came of age before the 1980s, when the Judeo-Christian, Western tradition, though battered, was still ascendant, view our sexuality as a private matter. We believe that our bodies are our own property, which means that we should not be touched or controlled sexually without our consent. A person raised with this worldview inevitably believes as well that his ability to control his body is the essence of his individuality. This physical individuality is the antithesis of slavery, which represents a person’s ultimate lack of control over his body.

Statist regimes, of course, cannot tolerate self-ownership, which is the natural enemy of government control over the individual.


What’s interesting is that, because the Left expresses itself in terms of “freeing” people’s sexuality, many people miss the fact that it is every bit as sexually controlling in its own way as Islam is. This control comes about because the Left works assiduously to decouple sex from a person’s own sense of bodily privacy and, by extension, self-ownership. If a person has no sense of autonomy, that person is a ready-made cog for the statist machinery.

The practical problem for the Left when it tries to attack individuality as expressed through sexuality is the fact that a person’s sense of an inviolate physical self develops quite early, during childhood:

Once a child individuates, he becomes aware of being his own self. … The most basic thing one can own is one’s own self, and not letting others touch that self in ways you don’t like is an exercise in self-ownership. (Emphasis mine.)

The Left, therefore, needs to decouple self and body as early as possible in a person’s development — and it does this by bringing its own peculiar notions of sexuality into the realms of child-rearing and education.


Freud was right when he speculated that sex, perhaps because it is the least easily satisfied human need, may also be the most powerful physical need driving human beings. Freud, however, viewed sexuality through the spectrum of a given individual’s desires. What the statists understand — and have always understood — is that our bodies are the first line in the battle between statism and individualism. If a person is allowed to develop a sense that his body is his own to control, he will never willingly yield to the demands of the state. Only by convincing its citizens that they have no personal autonomy, beginning with control over their own bodies, can a state completely subsume the individual to the bureaucracy.

If you’re curious about past examples of the Left’s efforts to decouple self and body, you can read the rest of my article here.  Suffice to say that today’s obsession with torturing young bodies is entirely consistent with the premise I stated eight years ago.

Do I have a grand conclusion here? No. I have a series of issues, principles, questions, and theories. At this point, I’ve exhausted my mental resources, both factual and analytical. It’s your turn. Please chime in and flesh out my data (and definitely correct me if I’m wrong) and puncture or support my analysis. As always, I ask only that you are polite. You’re welcome to disagree with me. You’re not welcome to abuse, insult, or threaten me.

Bookworm Beat 2/19/18 — thinking about the Second Amendment

It’s all here: Making Proggies admit they want to repeal the Second Amendment, revealing their simplistic thinking, and questioning transgender treatment.

Facing the silly Proggies on Facebook. I always avoid my real-me Facebook page in the days after a much-publicized shooting (the media is drawn to shootings involving white kids in the suburbs as opposed to black kids in the ghettos), because I simply can’t stand the hate, ignorance, and hysteria. Occasionally, though, I try to introduce a little rationality into their discussions.

For example, when my Proggie friends simultaneously demand gun control while pointing to a story about how some enterprising reporter bought a gun illegally, I ask them if they have a better idea than gun control. It’s at that point that they say the Second Amendment isn’t an individual right, something I shut down by pointing to the Heller decision. That usually ends with nasty remarks about Justice Scalia.

A lot of my gun-control Proggies post memes about the wonders of restricted gun ownership in other countries, with those posts always ending with some line about gun ownership being a privilege, not a right. If I still feel like engaging, I’ll remind them that, in the U.S., the Second Amendment means that gun ownership is a right, not a privilege. They hate that point.

And so, inevitably, we get to where my Proggie friends really want to go: Full repeal of the Second Amendment, followed by confiscating all guns in private hands.

If I still have patience, and depending on how friendly I’m feeling, once they honestly admit their goal, I’ll point out a few things: (a) Considering how they hate Trump, do they really want Trump to have all the guns? (b) Considering how they think police are racist killers, do they really want police to have all the guns? (c) And if they’re really hardcore Lefties, as opposed to useful idiot Proggies, considering how they think soldiers are baby killers, do they really want soldiers to have all the guns?

To one man, a Jewish man, I said that, since he was obviously not evil, I was surprised that he wanted to reduce Jews to the same position they were in when they faced genocidal Nazis, all armed with guns, between 1933-1945. He responded by snarking at me that he thanked God he wasn’t a Canadian blindly loyal to the Second Amendment. I told him that I thanked God too that he was a Canadian and wouldn’t be voting in any American elections. Canadians, I said, are to sheep-like, remaining convinced, all evidence to the contrary, that government is always good and will always protect them.

I don’t persuade anybody, but I do hope I cause people to think, at least a little bit. Thinking, as opposed to mindlessly repeating, can be the first stop on the road to abandoning bad or stupid ideas. At the very least, I want Proggies to be honest about the fact that they don’t believe in gun control and don’t really want it. They want to do away with guns entirely by repealing the Second Amendment without doing the hard work of actually repealing it. As Charles C.W. Cooke essentially said, bring it on.

A further thought about super valuable children. My post yesterday posited that we live in a unique historical time that sees middle-class white children as more than usually precious to their parents. No matter how loving parents were in the past, that was always tempered by a fatalism that said that some children will die (not may die) before their parents. It’s no coincidence that, for hundreds of years, American children said as their bedtime prayer, “Now I lay me down to sleep; I pray the Lord my soul to keep; and if I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.” That is not an optimist’s prayer.

My brother-in-law pointed out, though, that the killers may not be thinking about hurting the parents. They just want to hurt the other children. There’s a sort of fierce emotional socialism behind that thinking that also relates to hyper-precious American children.

These maladjusted killers, who either come from unloving homes or are too emotionally damaged to feel loved, want their peers to suffer as they do. “I’m not loved and I’m not going to let you be loved.” It is, as Churchill said of socialism, the equal sharing of misery. In past times, when there was more emotional distance between parents and children (even loving parents and loved children), the chasm between damaged children and their peers might not have been so large and obvious to those damaged children.

Sometimes posters sum it all up; and sometimes they’re just stupid. Here is a pro-Second Amendment poster that sums it all up:

Second Amendment less dangerous than other Proggie beliefs

And sometimes posters are really dumb, insofar as they fail to distinguish between categories except in the basest, most racist way:

We can of course divide things by race (or, in the case of Muslims, by faux-racial label because Proggies are too simplistic to understand the difference between ideology and race) or, if we’re not a useful idiot Proggie, we can dig a little deeper.

Was the Muslim mass murderer someone who killed his entire family when his wife demanded a divorce or did he shoot up a military base or gay dance club while screaming “Allahu Akbar”? And if the latter, was he raised in a country that actively supports radical Islam or was he tied to foreign radical Islamists? If he was an Allahu Akbar murderer drawing ideological support from a foreign country, by all means let’s sever access as much as possible between that country and ours. So yes, TRAVEL BANS to keep more radical Islamists from pouring into our country.

Was the Hispanic murderer in this country legally or illegally? If the latter, the mass murder would never have happened but for America’s failure to enforce its immigration laws. Some of that failure comes about because, for eight years, we had an administration that refused to abide by its own laws. However, part of that failure is because we have a difficult border to manage. More than a decade ago, both parties in Congress agreed that we could manage that border — and perhaps prevent unnecessary American deaths by keeping out people who would never have been allowed in legally — by building a wall. So yes, BUILD A WALL to stop illegal murders (most of whom are Hispanic and not Dutch).

Did the Black murderer come from a Democrat-run ghetto that encourages disrespect for life by actively promoting abortions in black communities? Did the Black murderer come from a Democrat-run ghetto that denies law-abiding citizens the right to armed self-defense, making them sitting ducks for predators who don’t care about gun laws? Did the Black murderer come from a Democrat-run ghetto that marginalizes fathers by making welfare a better deal for women than entering into a stable committed relationship with her children’s father? Did the Black murderer come from a Democrat-run ghetto that dismisses the virtues of education, work, marriage, and children (in that order), because telling blacks about these things is racist and a form of cultural colonialism?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, each of which sees Democrats foreclosing policies that would help make Black communities safer, while then yes, MORE COPS AND PRISONS is the only remaining alternative. That is, if you aggressively deny people the opportunity to be their best selves, you are going to have to police and imprison their worst selves.

So that’s a really, really stupid poster based upon the racist and uninformed assumptions that underlie it.

Why are transgenders accommodated instead of treated? Those whom we call “transgenders” are people who have a form of body dysmorphia that sees their brains believing that the attached body is the wrong sex. Thus, a boy will feel that his body ought to be a girl body and a girl will feel that her body ought to be a boy body. It seems to me that the most simple way to treat this dysmorphia in the first instance is to give the boy male hormones and the girl female hormones. Theoretically, the correct hormones should feminize the girl’s brain to accept her girl’s body and masculinize the boy’s brain to accept his boy’s body.

Except that’s not what our medical establishment does or our cultural establishment demands. Instead, in the first instance, we give the boy hormones for women that atrophy his male sex organizes, make him sterile, make him grow breasts, and put him at risk of cancer. To top it off, we cut off his penis and testicles and give him breast implants, the latter of which women often complain create their own serious problems.

Likewise, in the first instance, we give the girls hormones for men that render her permanently sterile and that increase her risk of cancer. To top it off, we cut off her breasts and surgically affix some weird faux-penis to her body.

Unless someone can tell me that giving body dysmorphics increased hormones tied to their actual biological gender has been tried and invariably failed, I am at a loss to understand why we don’t approach this type of dysmorphia by using hormonal realignment instead of dangerous, destructive gender reassignment.

Buy the Book. For more Second Amendment discussions, please feel free to buy my book: Our Second Amendment Rights In Ten Essays