August 14, 2018

The Time I Took my Wife to Meet the Girls at Manos

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Veterans’ Tales by Vassar Bushmills You already know the story of my first visit to Manos, the Russian spy-restaurant in Tokyo. It was 1972. It was run by two brothers from Pittsburgh, former OSS officers during WWII, and within shouting distance of the Soviet embassy, where, at the end of every visit, I’d [Read More]


My First Adventure at Manos in Tokyo, 1972

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Veterans’ Tales by Vassar Bushmills (Editor’s note: There is today a Manos Russian restaurant in the Asakusa area of Tokyo, but the one of which I speak here was just a short walk from the original Sanno Hotel in Akasaka, who’s history can be seen here.) I could tell a dozen [Read More]

6-6-1994 Omaha Beach Cemetery
National Security


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Vassar Bushmills (A Memorial Day theme, cross-posted at, this is also one of the major themes of that entire site. Come show us some love.) In the mid 90s, before I began traveling to the Soviet Bloc regularly, and finding out what their outhouses looked like, I taught a [Read More]

Life Happens

A Night Off From the Trail

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Several weeks ago, I introduced readers here at Wow! Magazine to Veterans’ Tales, a new website, for veterans by veterans .  Our friend Vassar Bushmills is co-owner and the “garritrooper” of for veterans by veterans which has since gone live. Below is an article written by Editor-In-Chief, Allen Ness* who [Read More]



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Vassar Bushmills Ok, now come kick the tires at We invite every veteran and child of a veteran to come visit and rummage through old letters and stored emails and photos and bring us some of the stories you recall from your tours, daddy or granddaddy’s, or from all those mothers, [Read More]